Most exterior alterations or improvements, including painting, re-roofing, tree trimming and removals, door/window replacements, etc., requires an ARB permit. Interior remodeling will require an ARB permit if it affects the exterior appearance of the house in any way or requires a dumpster onsite. The issuance of an ARB permit generally requires a fee and, in some cases, a refundable compliance deposit. Depending on the scope of work, the application will be reviewed either at the monthly ARB meeting or administratively for approval. Once the application is submitted to the ARB office, the Community Standards Manager will be able to let you know the approval process for that project.

Homeowners planning changes to a house or its landscaping are encouraged to call the Community Standards Manager to determine if the changes being considered require ARB approval.

ARB Applications are available online, in the PDPOA Admin Office at 16 Queens Folly Road (M-F 8am-3pm), or by contacting the Community Standards Manager at or 843-785-1109.

The revised ARB Policy, Procedures and Guidelines took effect January 1, 2022.  Now called Design and Construction Guidelines, this new version should make projects more understandable and approachable by both homeowners and professionals. CLICK HERE FOR NEW ARB DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION GUIDELINES.

  • Visit page 87 for Frequently Asked Questions (and the answers).
  • All headings in the Table of Contents are hyperlinked for easy navigation through the document.
  • Note section 7.7.2 which will make recovery after a natural disaster (think Cat 4+) more expeditious for homeowners.
  • See over 20 examples, samples and drawings to make things more understandable.
  • The last two pages are an index showing where information can be gleaned for nearly every topic.

The PDPOA Board of Directors approved this new document in the September 2021 Board meeting with four amendments added in January 2023.

ARB Permits-Required or Not Required

Regular property maintenance is necessary and essential and therefore does not require permits. More significant work does require ARB permits. The following helps to clarify the kind of work that falls under the heading of regular maintenance, and what would be more significant.

Examples of maintenance/repair/upkeep that DOES NOT REQUIRE AN ARB PERMIT:

  • Minor roof repair (due to a roof leak or missing shingles)
  • Wood rot and touch up paint after the repair
  • Pool cleaning
  • Power washing
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Driveway repair due to cracking or lifting (seal coating, patching or overlay resurfacing to the affected section)
  • Replacing gutters to match existing gutters
  • Re-staining or re-sealing of a deck or patio
  • Removal of debris from a fallen tree
  • Stucco repair due to cracks
  • Exterior work that changes the appearance (color, materials, etc.) or footprint of the existing property ALWAYS requires an ARB permit.


  • Adding gutters to a home that does not already have a gutter system in place
  • Repainting (even if the home will be painted the same colors)
  • Reroofing (even if the new roof will match the existing color/material)
  • Replacing/changing a driveway (even if replacing it to the same color/material)
  • Extending a deck or patio
  • Addition ornamental features (such as exterior lights or skylights)
  • Extensive changes to landscaping where it alters more than 50%
  • Tree trimming/removal/bush hogging
  • Replacing a window or door (even if the new door/window will be the exact style/color)
  • Pool maintenance for re-plaster or re-tile (even if replacing with the same color)

If there are any questions, or you would like further clarification as to what requires a permit or not, please do not hesitate to contact the Community Standards Manager, Monica Stites at (843) 785-1109 or at