• Decals must be properly affixed and passes visible at all times. Vehicles without a displayed pass or decal may be cited.
  • Parking on roadways or in yards is not permitted.
  • Motorcycles are prohibited.
  • Cyclists and pedestrians shall use leisure paths where available. Automobiles have the right of way.
  • Electric boats belonging to property owners are permitted on lakes and lagoons. Gas engines are prohibited.
  • No swimming in lakes or lagoons.
  • Loud music or excessive noise is not tolerated at any time.
  • ALLIGATORS ARE DANGEROUS. State law prohibits any person from feeding, enticing, or harassing alligators.
  • Do not feed wildlife of any kind in Palmetto Dunes.
  • Absolutely NO hunting or shooting!
  • Absolutely no fireworks!
  • Towels and swimwear may NOT be hung on porch railings.
  • Trash cans must remain in the service yard for pickup. Do NOT bring them to the street.
  • If your property is available on the short-term rental market, please ensure that you have registered your property as a short-term rental with the PDPOA admin office and that your rental agent and guests honor basic rules of courtesy to your year-round neighbors.

Please reference the Association’s Governing Documents for all rules and regulations.