Resort Rules

In addition to being an award-winning resort, Palmetto Dunes is a community of year-round and part-time residents.  We are happy to share our community with visitors, and expect them to respect our neighborhood.  We hope you will treat your neighbors and property here the same as at home.

Please abide by the following rules while in Palmetto Dunes:

  • Fireworks are prohibited; burning of any kind is prohibited.
  • Parking on the roadway is not permitted. Parking on lawns is not permitted.
  • Towels and/or swimwear are not to be hung on porch railings.
  • Trash bins and trash bags are NOT to be brought roadside. They should remain in the service yard where they will be picked up by waste contractors.
  • Loud music or excessive noise is not tolerated at any time.
  • Motorcycles are not permitted inside the resort. Buses, RV’s, and motorhomes are also not permitted.

For your safety:

  • Automobiles always have the right-of-way. Bicyclists and pedestrians shall both use leisure paths where available. If paths are not available – bicycles are ridden with the traffic; pedestrians face the flow of traffic;
  • If you walk or bike to or from Shelter Cove-please use the leisure trail under the 278 bridge to cross the highway.
  • Do not swim in the lagoon or lakes; alligators may be present.
Protect the wildlife and vegetation by:
  • crossing the dunes only at designated beach access points;
  • leaving all live creatures (sand dollars, starfish, etc.) on the beach;
  • not feeding any animals-if fed they become dependent, aggressive and most must be killed;
  • not using lights on or adjacent to the beach during the evening from May – October so Loggerhead mothers can nest and hatchlings can find their way to the ocean; please do not carry or otherwise help them to the ocean.

For the enjoyment of others:

  • use only audio devices with headphones outside or in the common areas;
  • ensure that all individuals do not exceed reasonable noise levels;
  • pick up after your pets on the beach and common areas