Vehicle Decals: All PD property owner vehicles must display a valid decal affixed to the windshield to expedite entry into the resort. A current vehicle registration form must be shown for each decal issued. For new owners, a copy of the property closing statement must be presented along with vehicle registration. New property owner decals are issued every even year. Decals for commercial operators and long-term renters must be purchased annually. All decals may be obtained by visiting the Pass Office located within the Palmetto Dunes Security Office or submitted online.

Courtesy decals are available for immediate family members only. Immediate family members are defined as parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren of property owners. Siblings and in-laws are not eligible. All courtesy vehicle decals expire on December 31 each year.

Vehicles Allowed: Automobiles, station wagons, sport utility vehicles and pick-up trucks may be parked in driveways or garages overnight. Commercial trucks may be parked overnight only if completely enclosed in a garage. Boat trailers and other recreational vehicles may not be parked in driveways or streets overnight. Motorcycles are prohibited in the resort. Mopeds and motor driven scooters are not allowed in the resort and will not be permitted beyond the security gate. Electric bicycles that have no more than one-brake horsepower (750 watts), and so long as they abide by the other traffic regulations and are not required to be registered with the state, are allowed in the community according to our covenants.