The Association is governed by a ten-member Board of Directors, including one management member from Greenwood Communities & Resorts. Directors are elected at each Annual Meeting and serve a three-year term.


Per the Bylaws, the Association has the following standing committees: Executive, Nominating, and Finance. The Board may establish ad hoc committees from time-to-time as it deems necessary.

Executive Committee

  • Makes decisions on urgent matters that arise between Board meetings.
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  • Jerry Durkin
  • Becky Brumley
  • Grover Cleaveland

Architectural Review Board

  • Exercises their duties set forth in the Limited Residential and Multifamily Covenants, as well as the ARB’s D&CGs
  • Responsible for review and approval of all new construction, additions, and major and minor renovations
  • Ensures that projects are in keeping with the Palmetto Dunes vision and built in compliance to approved plans
  • Completes a pre and final inspection of job sites and approves or disapproves projects
  • Makes reports of its activities to the PDPOA Board of Directors
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  • Mark Carroll, Chair
  • Ed Finison
  • Dixon Hanna
  • Bob Giarrusso
  • Phil Ovuka
  • Miguel Pacheco
  • Donna Vaughn

Building A Strong Engaged Community

The goal of the Building Community Committee will be to implement the recommendations of the Strategic Plan:

  • Increase the number of amenities
  • Provide additional opportunities for owners to connect
  • Develop a social media/communication plan to connect owners with a focus on positive messaging
  • Provide education/information to new and current owners on Palmetto Dunes
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  • Becky Brumley, Chair
  • Dacia Allen
  • Lisa Carpenter
  • Cyndee Moss
  • Kelly Schibler
  • Dawn Schlich


  • Responsible for interviewing new Board of Director candidates
  • Follows nominating guidelines as set forth in the by-laws
  • Proposes new candidates to the PDPOA membership and Board of Directors for approval
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  • Dan DeMichele, Chair
  • Dacia Allen
  • Erin Gaian
  • Mark O'Neil
  • Griff Roberts


  • Responsible for all financial aspects of PDPOA
  • Reviews budgets, monitors monthly financial statements, recommends investments
  • Identifies, recommends and monitors initiatives that improve the long-term financial health of PDPOA
  • Ensures adherence to PDPOA Financial Policies & Procedures
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  • Sean Moore, Chair
  • Alice Bettencourt
  • Calvin Butts
  • Dale Dawson
  • Jerry Durkin
  • Ric Gorman
  • Jeff Kurtz
  • Sean Moore
  • Bob Talbot

Lagoon & Lake Advisory Group

  • Oversees the use and maintenance of the lagoon system
  • Monitors lagoon water quality
  • Reports trees that need to be removed or trimmed
  • Identifies unsightly or hazardous lagoon issues
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  • John Joseph
  • Koji Shimata
  • Bill Geist
  • Tom Kelly
  • Bill Linkner
  • Wilbur Strickland
  • Mark Carroll
  • Doug Luba
  • Jim Hutchison
  • Sydney Wan, Chairman

Private Citation Hearing Board

  • Upholds compliance in Palmetto Dunes
  • Conducts a monthly hearing meeting
  • Determines whether to ratify a decision or a citation and the fine imposed by PDPOA or uphold the appeal based on the circumstances presented
  • Renders a decision that is binding on all parties
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  • Jacqueline Boyer
  • Tom Fromme
  • Robin Rhine
  • John Smith
  • Mike Vaughn

Safety & Security

Advise the Palmetto Dunes Property Owners Association (PDPOA) Board in exercising its oversight and responsibilities regarding safety and security concerns for: Operations and planning, gathering and evaluation of data to support safety and security decisions consistent with the PDPOA goals, objectives, and guidelines. Support and advocate for Security Staff and its enforcement of PDPOA policies and state law.

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  • Erin Dolores Gaian-Chair
  • Thomas Lesnak-Vice Chair
  • Mike Carr
  • Kurt Faires
  • Tim McCury
  • Dan McMullen
  • Larry Minda
  • David Morrill
  • Chad Terefenko
  • James Griner

Short-Term Rentals Ad-Hoc Committee

The Short-Term Rental Ad-Hoc Committee was reestablished in July 2022 to further discuss moving forward with recommendations by the STR committee in 2021. The committee is made-up of investment owners, part-time residents that rent when they are not on the island, and full-time residents.

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  • Mark Carroll, Chair
  • Mary Amonitti
  • Paula Eardley
  • Greg Eichman
  • Bob Gelbach
  • Sue Giarrusso
  • Doris Hall
  • David Hancock
  • Brian Julius
  • Robert Lotstein
  • Cyndee Moss
  • Tom Phelps
  • Klaus Schmidt

Strategic Planning Team

Recommend to the PDPOA Board a four to five-year strategic plan guided by the outlined vision, mission and values created by the PDPOA Board of Directors.

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  • Becky Brumley – Chair
  • Alice Bettencourt
  • Jerry Bowling
  • Lisa Carpenter
  • Terence (TJ) Casey
  • Derek Dalton
  • Paula Eardley
  • Daniel Ekberg
  • Scott Imhoff
  • Steve Laskowski
  • Charles LoPresti
  • Cynde Moss
  • Kelly Schibler
  • Dawn Schlich
  • Andrew Schumacher

7 Lee Shore Ad-Hoc Committee

The purpose of the 7 Lee Shore Ad-Hoc Committee is to make a recommendation(s) for the redevelopment of 7 Lee Shore to the PDPOA Board of Directors

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  • Chad Terefenko, Chair
  • Dan DeMichele, Co-Chair
  • Carrie Abfall
  • William Anderson
  • Deanna Boselman
  • Marilyn Breitenstein
  • Tanya Crocker Nagle
  • Dale Huffman
  • Kathy Lane
  • Pamela Launhardt
  • Bruce Meglino
  • Irina Novikov
  • James Nugent
  • Griffith Roberts
  • Lutz Schremmer
  • Deborah Wenner-Waterman
  • Debbie Whitehurst
  • Andrew Schumacher