The Association is governed by a ten-member Board of Directors, including one management member from Greenwood Communities & Resorts. Directors are elected at each Annual Meeting and serve a three-year term.


Per the Bylaws, the Association has the following standing committees: Executive, Nominating, and Finance. The Board may establish ad hoc committees from time-to-time as it deems necessary.

Executive Committee

  • Makes decisions on urgent matters that arise between Board meetings.
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  • Jerry Bowling
  • Grover Cleaveland
  • Jerry Durkin

Architectural Review Board

  • Exercises their duties set forth in the Limited Residential and Multifamily Covenants, as well as the ARB’s D&CGs
  • Responsible for review and approval of all new construction, additions, and major and minor renovations
  • Ensures that projects are in keeping with the Palmetto Dunes vision and built in compliance to approved plans
  • Completes a pre and final inspection of job sites and approves or disapproves projects
  • Makes reports of its activities to the PDPOA Board of Directors
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  • Mark Carroll, Chair
  • Jon Bloom
  • Ed Finison
  • Dixon Hanna
  • Bob Giarrusso
  • Miguel Pacheco
  • Donna Vaughn


  • Responsible for interviewing new Board of Director candidates
  • Follows nominating guidelines as set forth in the by-laws
  • Proposes new candidates to the PDPOA membership and Board of Directors for approval
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  • Ric Gorman, Chair
  • Gordon Barber
  • Carol Billman
  • Erin Gaian
  • Mike Vaughn


  • Responsible for all financial aspects of PDPOA
  • Reviews budgets, monitors monthly financial statements, recommends investments
  • Identifies, recommends and monitors initiatives that improve the long-term financial health of PDPOA
  • Ensures adherence to PDPOA Financial Policies & Procedures
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  • Jerry Bowling
  • Calvin Butts
  • Jerry Durkin
  • Ric Gorman
  • Jeff Kurtz
  • Sean Moore
  • Bob Talbot

Lagoon & Lake Advisory Group

  • Oversees the use and maintenance of the lagoon system
  • Monitors lagoon water quality
  • Reports trees that need to be removed or trimmed
  • Identifies unsightly or hazardous lagoon issues
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  • John Joseph
  • Koji Shimata
  • Bill Geist
  • Tom Kelly
  • Bill Linkner
  • Wilbur Strickland
  • Mark Carroll
  • Doug Luba
  • Jim Hutchison
  • Sydney Wan, Chairman

Private Citation Hearing Board

  • Upholds compliance in Palmetto Dunes
  • Conducts a monthly hearing meeting
  • Determines whether to ratify a decision or a citation and the fine imposed by PDPOA or uphold the appeal based on the circumstances presented
  • Renders a decision that is binding on all parties
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  • Bill Bibb
  • Tom Fromme
  • John Smith
  • Mike Vaughn
  • Wes Warren

Strategic Planning Team

Recommend to the PDPOA Board a four to five-year strategic plan guided by the outlined vision, mission and values created by the PDPOA Board of Directors.

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  • Becky Brumley – Chair
  • Alice Bettencourt
  • Jerry Bowling
  • Lisa Carpenter
  • Terence (TJ) Casey
  • Derek Dalton
  • Paula Eardley
  • Daniel Ekberg
  • Scott Imhoff
  • Steve Laskowski
  • Charles LoPresti
  • Cynde Moss
  • Kelly Schibler
  • Dawn Schlich
  • Andrew Schumacher