Please be aware that delivery services must have a commercial pass or decal to enter the community. Commercial passes can be purchased at the PDPOA Pass Office, located at 16 Queens Folly Rd. One day commercial passes start at $15 and can be used for multiple deliveries during the same day. Daily passes can now be purchased at https://vendor.symliv.com/palmettodunes/vendor and a QR code can be sent to the driver via text or email. The QR Code can then be quickly scanned for a pass.

Commercial vendors entering Palmetto Dunes must purchase a commercial pass, decal, or hangtag and abide by our commercial work hours of Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm.

Any food delivery, including restaurants, Uber Eats, Instcart and other similar services are not currently being charged for a pass (as of 01/2023). Please check with your delivery service when placing an order.

There are few exceptions to this policy (US Postal Service, newspaper delivery, and other couriers) that are permitted to enter seven days per week. Domestic delivery services (Lowe’s, Best Buy, etc.) and pool cleaning are other exceptions who may also enter every day, but only between 7am-7pm and must purchase a pass or decal for entry.