The Palmetto Dunes Resort Regulations require that when property is to be used for an outdoor event involving 50 or more people and is not to be attended by the property owner, the event must be prereigstered by the host with the Palmetto Dunes Property Owners Association, Inc. (PDPOA) in writing. The writing must be given to the PDPOA at least 45 days before the event is scheduled.

As per our Short-Term Rental Policies, Procedures & Guidelines, Section 5.2.16 “Special Events,” the use of property for an outdoor event of 50 or more people not hosted by the property owner will require the host of the event to:

  • Preregister the event with the PDPOA using the form “Registration of Special Events” as promulgated by the PDPOA from time to time; and
  • Enter into an Event Agreement with the PDPOA formalizing the terms and conditions under which the event will be conducted.
  • Violations of said rule are punishable as described in the Palmetto Dunes Resort Regulations and the PDPOA Private Citation System Violations & Fines.

Download and fill out the Preregistration of Special Events form, and bring it, along with the $5,000 deposit fee, to the Pass Office. Printed forms are also available in the Pass Office. Should you have any questions, contact the Pass Office at 843-785-1125.


The PDPOA has extensive restrictions on the use of property for outdoor events. For example, at such an event temporary outdoor lights or signage, temporary structures such as tents, portable rest rooms and/or exterior speakers or other sound devices is strictly prohibited. Any noisy behavior, bright lights , or unreasonable behavior which deprives residents from the peaceful enjoyment of their homes is prohibited. In addition there are restrictions against improper storage of boats , pets must be under leash or otherwise controlled, yards must be kept properly, debris removed, trash kept in service yards, etc.. There are strict limitations on parking and at any event with such number of people arrangement must be made with PDPOA to control parking. If there is any question concerning the allowed use of the property the host of the event should contact the PDPOA.

Due to the number of people at the event, the PDPOA deems it necessary that security officers be present at the event to insure compliance with the Covenants and Resort Regulations. The expense of providing such officers shall be borne by the host of the event.

The host shall deposit with the PDPOA a deposit in the amount of $5000.00 to insure compliance with the Covenants and the Resort Regulations and the cost of security officers, which amount will be forfeited in the event of violations. In addition the PDPOA may refuse or withdraw an access pass to the guests of the owner/renter until the violation is corrected to the satisfaction of the PDPOA.

If the host of the event is a renter, such renter has advised the property owner of the event and the owner has given his consent.

The host agrees to abide by the Covenants and the Resort Regulations.

A written agreement between the host and the PDPOA will be executed formalizing the obligations of the parties.Such agreement shall contain provisions relating, but not limited to, a deposit by the host to insure compliance with the Covenants and Resort Regulations, the presence of PDPOA security officers to moniter the event, requirements relating to notices by the host inadvance of preregistration, meetings between the host and PDPOA and parking and traffic patrol.