Please make sure to have all proper permits before working in the community. Failure to do so will result in violations and fines. Click here for the current ARB Violations and Fines Policy.


If you haven’t worked in Palmetto Dunes before, or it’s been a while, please stop by the ARB office and pick up a pre-construction packet with all the rules, regulations and guidelines to working in our community. When working in Palmetto Dunes, please make sure to follow the guidelines to ensure a safe and compliant work site. These guidelines can be found in the pre-construction packet as well as other useful information such as work rules for a work site. Click here to download the Pre-Construction Packet.


Please make sure you have the proper ARB permit before doing work in Palmetto Dunes, including a dumpster permit if one is required for interior work. Permits should not be nailed to trees. They should be posted either on a window or door visible from the street, or on a wooden post in the yard. Permits should be removed from the property once the project has been completed.

A Stop Work Order will be issued, as well as a citation, for expired permits, no permits posted, or no permits issued (meaning the project has not been approved) (Violation 06-01). A Town of HHI permit is not the same as an ARB permit.

Please pay attention to the expiration date on your ARB permits. If you need it to be extended, please request an extension prior to the expiration date to avoid any citations for working with an expired permit. If the job has been completed, please contact the ARB to schedule a final inspection at (843) 785-1109 or


  • All landscaper and yard maintenance companies are responsible for removing yard debris.
  • Debris is not permitted on the vehicles when entering the gates.
  • When exiting, all debris must be covered.
  • Dumping within the property will result in a fine and suspension of work privileges within the community.


  • Off-street parking must be within a garage, driveway or designated parking space. Parking within a yard or lawn (of lots or parcels), pine straw, mulch, roadway, or no parking zones are prohibited.
  • It is the responsibility of the service provider to coordinate their visit with the property owners, so that appropriate parking is available. Parking can also be coordinated through the ARB when it is regarding construction sites, such as a new build.
  • Dumpsters must be covered by a neutral-colored tarp at the end of each workday and weekend. Full containers over a weekend or holiday are not permitted.
  • Most exterior work, and any interior work that requires a dumpster, requires an ARB permit. A citation can be issued for an unposted permit, expired permit or for working without an ARB permit.
  • If a citation is issued, payment or a hearing request is due within 15 days from the date of the citation. To request a hearing, you may complete the PDPOA Hearing Request Form.
  • Failure to pay any fine for a violation may result in the loss of an access decal and other privileges and the PDPOA may refuse to grant future access into Palmetto Dunes.