This department is responsible for all of the general maintenance in our community including, but not limited to: landscaping and irrigation, signage, weekly landscape debris pickup, roads, bridges, drainage, lighting, waterways, deceased wildlife, offices and equipment, mailboxes and yard signs, and other miscellaneous work (like flagpoles and holiday decorations).

Please note that our PDPOA Maintenance Department is responsible for the common areas of the Resort. If you are a guest of the resort and have an issue or concern within your villa or condominium unit, you will need to contact your rental company.


Herbert Jenkins, Maintenance Technician

Herbert has been with Palmetto Dunes for over 40 years!

You can reach Herbert by email at


Jimmy Martinez, Maintenance Technician

Jimmy joined us in 2014 and we’re so pleased he joined us!

You can reach Jimmy at


Sydney Wan, Facilities Manager & Chairman of the Lagoon & Lake Advisory Group

Sydney Wan has worked on Hilton Head Island for 12 years and came on board in 2015 to lead our maintenance team.

You can reach Sydney at