Updated 7/8/2021

Storm Debris Pickup

Because we experienced a named storm, the Palmetto Dunes POA will be providing Tropical Storm Elsa-related vegetative debris pickup service. Our standard weekly debris pickup policy/service is on hold until further notice so we are able to address the storm debris within the community.

The PDPOA will make two passes for vegetative storm debris pickup. We will let you know the pickup dates as soon as they are scheduled. However we encourage you to begin the clean up process as soon as practical and start placing the debris within the right of way.

In order for us to remove your storm debris, it must adhere to the following:
  1. Only disaster-related residential debris will be picked up. Commercial properties shall be responsible for their own debris.
  2. Because clean-up vehicles will not leave the roadway, all debris must be placed in the right-of-way for removal. It cannot be placed on asphalt; it cannot block the roadway or pathway.
  3. Only woody, vegetative debris is permitted for pickup in Palmetto Dunes. (No household trash, no construction materials, etc.) The PDPOA will not pick up non-vegetative debris.
  4. Debris should not be placed over utility boxes, water meters, fire hydrants, storm drains, or around mailboxes. Doing so could delay or prevent calls for service.
  5. Large trunks and limbs must be cut into manageable sizes (under 5′). Standing stumps must be cut down and ground.
  6. Debris must be left in natural, loose piles on the ground – NOT in bins or bags of any type.
  7. Villa and condominium owners should contact your regime management companies regarding storm debris pickup.
  8. For single-family homeowners, debris piles must remain on your property. You may not place debris on neighboring properties – even vacant lots. Unauthorized dumping could result in a citation and fines. If you see any illegal dumping occurring, contact Security immediately at 843-785-1120.

If your debris does not meet the above regulations, the PDPOA will leave the debris and you as the homeowner will be responsible for contracting the removal independently.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work together toward restoring our community!

Saturday Storm-Related Work

This Saturday, July 10, Palmetto Dunes will allow contractors access for storm-related clean-up work from 7am-5pm.

Illegal Dumping is Still Illegal

We understand that the amount of debris left after a storm can be frustrating and we know our homeowners wish to maintain attractive properties.

Even after a storm, property owners are not permitted to place debris on other owners’ property (including vacant lots), common areas, or the lagoon. Please be aware that unauthorized dumping may result in a citation and possible fines.

We encourage you to be neighborly and to be respectful of one another’s property.

Lagoon Levels

We are currently removing water from the lagoon and will return it to its normal depth this weekend.

There may be possible blockages and trees down in the lagoon from the storm. Be careful navigating the lagoon, and if you see any blockage, please let us know by calling 843-785-1109.

ARB Permits

Please contact Monica, our ARB Manager, for expedited tree removal permits by calling 843-785-1109 or emailing