Your Feedback is Requested-Strategic Planning Four Key Areas

As we approached the end of the Association’s current Strategic Plan, the board and administration felt the need to embark on a new plan to guide Palmetto Dunes’ direction for the next five years. Last year a team of 14 property owners was established, along with support from a third-party facilitator, to draft a new plan for board consideration.  The team evaluated the current mission, vision, and values, as well as topics of importance to the community. Ownership in the community has significantly changed in the past few years, opening the doors to new ideas and experiences.

The team dedicated many hours of their time both in meetings and homework, along with developing a community survey that was implemented by a local university to gather data on owners’ demographics, experiences, and desires for Palmetto Dunes. The team used this information, as well as information gathered from community engagement sessions and the board, to establish four key areas of focus.

In January, the Strategic Planning team provided a detailed overview of the process and their recommendation to the board.  At the February Board meeting, the board adopted the plan as presented.  Community engagement continues to be a priority, as such, the Association would like to solicit feedback on tactical action items for each of the four key areas of focus from the membership. Please provide input for each of these four strategic initiatives.

  1. Build a strong, engaged community.
  2. Modernize infrastructure and enhance accessibility and safety across the community.
  3. Achieve mutually beneficial relationships with community partners to optimize the PD experience.
  4. Enhance stewardship to increase sustainability.

As part of the process and for further community involvement, the Association will be establishing an ad-hoc committee for each of the four initiatives in the coming year. Owners interested in serving on our first Strategic Planning Committee – “Build a Strong Engaged Community” will have the opportunity to submit their name for consideration to serve on this first committee.  Please be on the lookout for an upcoming announcement in a Tidings eblast.

Thank you for providing your input on this important endeavor.  This member comment period will be open for thirty (30) days.

Click here for the full Strategic Planning Report.