Palmetto Dunes is a 2,000-acre residential resort community of 2,172 residential properties. At the time of purchase each property owner agrees to abide by the covenants which govern items such as residential use, road/street use, architectural review and property maintenance.

PDPOA has historically had a “reactive” covenant compliance approach – meaning the community relied solely on property owners to report violations. This approach sometimes led to confusion, inconsistent outcomes, owner dissatisfaction, and even properties deteriorating to the point of being dangerous.

While developing a long-range Strategic Plan in 2016 and 2017, proactive covenant compliance was identified as a top priority. In 2018, proactive covenant compliance was implemented in Palmetto Dunes.

Click here for the January 2023 Covenant Compliance Update.

Based upon invaluable owner feedback, we made several important revisions to the program while remaining focused upon the original objective: to enhance and maintain the overall beauty of Palmetto Dunes while supporting property values and encouraging even greater pride of ownership in our community.

Changes to the program include:

  • Reviews will be conducted from common areas (street, golf course, lagoon, etc.) without entering properties—focusing upon what can be seen from these.
  • The focus will be upon properties with an extreme lack of maintenance, encouraging timely resolution. For all other properties, a more generous timeframe of six months has been extended except under certain circumstances. For example, general maintenance such as mowing and removing weeds/limbs/debris should be performed at all properties on a continual basis.
  • The objective is to eliminate unsightly conditions and address any other requirements as defined in our Covenants (see the attached, streamlined checklist). Please note that prior action items such as foundation plantings, etc. that relate to ARB and other documents have been removed.
  • Should owners have concerns with their reports, they can now be referred to and reviewed by the Hearing Board—an objective group composed of five property owners.
  • We continue to encourage owners selling their property to request an updated report, driving confidence that your property meets all covenant obligations. We strongly suggest you make this request early in the selling process to provide the time necessary to make any adjustments prior to closing.

Owners with non-common area views to properties with an extreme lack of maintenance or covenant violations may contact us. Maintaining confidentiality, we will engage the owner and make arrangements to visit the property. When at a property we will knock on the front door before entering anyone’s yard.

If you have already received your baseline review and have addressed all of the items on the report, we greatly thank you. If items remain to be addressed, please complete the items within the noted timeframe and request a reinspection.

Thank you again for your patience as we refine the program and use the same criteria across all properties. Again, our objective is to enhance and maintain the aesthetics and character of the community while supporting property values and promoting an even greater pride of ownership.