Due to a permitting delay, our contractor could not begin the installation of erosion and sediment control fencing and tree protection along the Mooring Buoy corridor on October 2 as originally planned. This work has been rescheduled for the week of October 30. Properties along the corridor can expect the sediment tubes and tree protection barriers to be installed within the right-of-way of their yard. The contractor will take measures to ensure minimal disturbance to the landscaping and lawns. Please be advised that installing these materials is a requirement from the Town of Hilton Head Island for all construction projects of this nature. The Association and our contractor will work closely with the Town to reduce the impact on individual properties. Once these materials are installed, the Town will approve to proceed with construction. Our Facilities Maintenance team will oversee the process of mounting mailboxes on temporary mobile platforms to minimize the impact of construction-related activities on mail deliveries.

The official construction start date has been rescheduled for November 6. Before the start of construction, our contractor and Facilities Maintenance Team will place traffic control and detour signage within the construction zone and detour route. While this detour will add extra time to your commute and/or travel, it will help expedite the construction process, allowing us to reopen the corridor sooner than planned.


All owners and renters within the construction boundaries must treat Mooring Buoy as a ONE-WAY street per the map and schedule below. This includes all owners and renters on the following T-streets: Dinghy, East Wind, Flotilla, Galleon, High Rigger, Iron Clad, and Junket.

Mooring Buoy Detour Schedule:

  • 10/30 – 11/24: Two Way Traffic
  • 11/27 – 12/22: One Way Traffic
  • 12/22 – 01/02: NO CONSTRUCTION WORK (Christmas & New Year Holidays)
  • 01/02 – 01/12: One Way Traffic
  • 01/15 – 01/26: Two Way Traffic
  • 01/29 – 02/16: One Way Traffic
  • 02/19 – 04/01: Two Way Traffic

EXAMPLE: If you are an owner or renter on Galleon when traveling inbound to your property, you must follow the detour route to Sea Lane and Port Tack, then proceed southbound on Mooring Buoy to Galleon. Following the ONE-WAY traffic redirection, you must turn left onto Mooring Buoy when leaving your residence. All residents on Mooring Buoy and the adjoining T-streets must follow this traffic redirection pattern.

Residents with addresses 139 – 195 Mooring Buoy (including T-Streets Ketch, Long Boat, Man O War, and Night Harbor) must use the Sea Lane to Port Tack to Mooring Buoy detour.

Please be advised that the Mooring Buoy pedestrian pathway (from the 3-way stop at Sea Lane to the intersection at Port Tack) will be closed beginning October 30.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please email the Director of Projects & Facilities, Jeff Starr, at Thank you for your patience as we completed another critical infrastructure update within our community.