August 25, 2021

Meet the Board Candidates

The PDPOA Nominating Committee has nominated three candidates to fill three soon-to-be vacated Board seats, and there is also one petition candidate. This year’s election of Directors will be held prior to the Annual Meeting. All ballots will be mailed out in late August and voting will be open from September 1st through September 30th, […]
August 15, 2021

August PDPOA Meetings

Have questions about what’s going on in the community? Join one of this week’s meetings to have your questions answered and find out how you can get involved. Register for upcoming PDPOA Meetings: Chat with the Chair: Tuesday, August 17 Board Chair Wilbur Strickland hosts this monthly event that gives owners an opportunity to […]
August 01, 2021

Board Candidates

Board Candidates The process for seeking nominations for three vacant seats for the Board of Directors at this upcoming Annual Meeting is now closed. Three candidates were nominated by the Nominating Committee and one candidate was nominated via the Petition Process. Click here for videos from the candidates. Nominating Committee selected candidates: Becky Brumley, 15 […]
July 31, 2021

Mid-Year Financial Report

The Association continues to maintain a strong financial position.  The balance sheet, mostly supported by reserves, continues to grow, and the Income Statement through the first half of the year is favorable. Reserves have grown 19% in the first six months of the year.  This is primarily due to the annual contribution to the R&R […]