Entry Passes & Decals

Visit gateaccess.net to access our pass software. This will allow you to input guest passes online via your computer, tablet, or phone.

If you are a property owner, and would like to request a decal for your personal vehicle, please fill out this form. 

Property owner decals expire every even year. If your decal is expired or expiring, please bring in your current vehicle registration to the Pass Office or fill out this form. 

Courtesy decals are available for immediate family members only. Immediate family members are defined as parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren of property owners. Siblings and in-laws are not eligible. All courtesy vehicle decals expire on December 31 each year.

Guest Pass Fees

Rental Pass Fees

  • 1-2 Nights           $0
  • 3-7 Nights           $25
  • 8-14 Nights         $40
  • 15-90 Nights      $50
  • 91-180 Nights    $50
  • 6 Month Lease: $35 New Decal (long-term rental)
  • 6 Month Lease: $25 Renewal Decal (long-term rental)

Commercial Pass Fees-Daily

  • Daily/4-Wheel Vehicle $15
  • Daily/6-Wheel Vehicle $30
  • Daily/Over 6-Wheel Vehicle $45
  • + Trailer $10

Commercial Pass Fees-Annual Decals

  • 4-Wheel Vehicle $250
  • 6-Wheel Vehicle $350
  • Over 6-Wheel Vehicle $450
  • Hang Tag $250
  • Replacement $10

Please note that there will be a 3% convenience fee charged for all credit card payments.

Entry FAQs

1. Are motorcycles allowed at Palmetto Dunes?
No, motorcycles can not be driven anywhere on Palmetto Dunes property. Violators are subject to receiving a citation and/or having their vehicle towed at the owners expense.

2. Are low speed vehicles (LSVs) allowed at Palmetto Dunes?
No, LSVs cannot be driven anywhere on Palmetto Dunes property.

3. Can I bring a boat, jet-ski, or motorcycle on a trailer to my house?
Trailers are not allowed to be exposed at a residence. If they can be secured in a garage, they are permitted. Exceptions may be made for temporary loading or dropping off of equipment. You can apply for a parking waiver at any gatehouse to be considered for this exception or contact our office at (843) 785-1120.

4. Do I need a pass/decal to go to St. Andrew’s Common or Queen’s Grant?
Yes, this applies to commercial vendors, residents, and guests. Violators will be cited for any such violations.

5. Can I tape my homeowner decal to the inside of my windshield?
No, they must be affixed to the exterior of the windshield. Exceptions are allowed for vehicles registered in states where placement of decals on windshields is prohibited. These can be placed on the vehicle’s bumper. For more information, contact our office at (843) 785-1125.

6. Where do I pay a citation?
If you were issued a state citation, please refer to the instructions on the front of the citation. Private citations may be paid by mail or by contacting (843) 785-1120.

7. Where can I go to put my boat in the lagoon?
Our boat ramp is located adjacent to the Queen’s Folly Bridge. Please contact our office to arrange for admittance. A valid Palmetto Dunes boat decal is required and can be purchased by homeowners at our Pass Office. Kayaks and canoes may be launched at our launch docks in Mariners and Inverness.

8. Can I  purchase a pass if I am not a homeowner or guest?
No. Palmetto Dunes is not open to the public for touring. A pass will only be issued for authorized guests.

9. Can I park at Palmetto Dunes to attend the fireworks show?
No. Parking is for residents and guests of Palmetto Dunes only.

10. Do you have a map of Palmetto Dunes?
Yes.  Please click here to download a map of Palmetto Dunes.