ARB Permit Application - Dumpster

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APPLICATION FEE: $50 payable to Palmetto Dunes POA



  1. A trash receptacle is to be placed on the lot with a minimum setback of 15′ from the street. It is the responsibility of the general contractor to ensure that the dumpster(s) are emptied in a timely fashion and never exceed the full line.
  2. The dumpster must be covered with a neutral colored tarp at the end of EVERY work day to ensure no one uses the dumpster without permission and to keep animals out. The dumpster cover must be tightly secured.
  3. If the dumpster is left overflowing and/or uncovered, fines will be assessed and must be paid prior to work continuing on the site. These fines will be issued by the PDPOA Department of Security Operations and must be paid within 24 hours at the Pass Office. A Stop Work Order will be issued if the fines are not paid within 24 hours.
  4. Note that the ARB has the right to contract for cleanup at the owner’s expense should the contractor fail to maintain a neat and orderly work site.