Verizon Technology Installation at Marriott in Palmetto Dunes

Reliable cell service and bandwidth are a critical necessity for Palmetto Dunes property owners, as well as their guests, visitors and for potential buyers.

Beginning the week of January 8th, a contractor will be installing Verizon antennas and hardware on the roof of the Marriott Resort in Palmetto Dunes.  A helicopter will be utilized to transport materials to the roof from the parking lot on January 9th, leading to a temporary closure of a significant portion of the Marriott’s parking lot. As a result, property owners and guests should anticipate some noise associated with the installation operations. The project is expected to take approximately 30 days.

The new Verizon cell site at the Hilton Head Marriott will improve coverage along the coastline in Palmetto Dunes. This includes the eastern residential section of the Mariners community, especially properties surrounding the back nine of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course.  Additional service improvements will be felt along Ocean Lane and properties in the Inverness area surrounding the Fazio course, specifically holes 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, and 18. In addition to the coverage improvements, customers will experience better performance and data speeds due to increased capacity from the new 5G service and the addition of Verizon’s premium C-Band spectrum.

The integration of Verizon as an additional carrier is anticipated to significantly improve connectivity for all who live, invest, work, and play in Palmetto Dunes.