Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins May 1

Sea Turtles begin nesting on Hilton Head Island’s beaches in May. A female turtle may travel over a thousand miles to make it back to the same beach where she hatched as a baby, and it’s this same beach where she will lay her own eggs as an adult. What can you do to ensure the safety of turtle moms and hatchlings?

Leave only your footprints on the beach. Be sure to flatten sandcastles and fill in holes when you’re headed home for the day.

Lights out. Oceanfront homes must turn off outside lights from 10pm-6am through October. Blinds/drapes should be closed as well. To report light violations, contact Town of Hilton Head Island Code Enforcement Officers at 843-341-4643. If you need assistance making your property compliant with the lighting requirements, the Sea Turtle Patrol will come assist you at no charge. They can be contacted at

Protect the nests. Never disturb a sea turtle nest, a nesting sea turtle, or a hatchling. If you have your pets on the beach, ensure that they are kept away from nests too.

Click here to download the Sea Turtle Patrol’s Sea Turtle Safety Flyer to display in your rental property or share with your guests.