Designated Parking Areas

In Palmetto Dunes, parking is only allowed in spaces clearly designated for parking. A new sign was recently added in the Queens Folly corridor to remind everyone in the community of this rule.

Parking is not allowed on the street, grass, pine straw, white or yellow line, even when unloading at beach access pathways. When parking at a residence, all vehicles must be parked in the driveway. This also applies to contractors and vendors.

Also, please remember that a guest pass is only good for the address on that pass and for commercial and public areas. If a vehicle is parked at an address different from what is printed on the pass, it is subject to a citation. While this has not been an issue at single family homes, it has been an issue within private regimes, where visitors park in these communities as a matter of convenience (for instance, to gain access to the beach).

The association’s security patrols are familiar with these rules and may issue citations to vehicles in violation. Please make sure you and your guests are aware of these rules.