Bylaw Amendment Voting Results 2023

Six (6) proposed bylaw amendments were presented to the owners for a vote at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 14. The bylaw amendment vote results have been counted and certified by the Association’s attorneys.

A total of eight hundred twenty-four (824) members submitted ballots voting in person or by proxy, representing a total number of votes of 1,003. A total of fourteen (14) proxy holders cast 743 votes. The result of the vote count is as follows:

As to Amendment Number 1: 
Article II Membership, Section 7 Notices:
Proposed changes expand the methods of Notice of Members to include email to Members who have elected to receive correspondence from the Association by electronic means.
Yes Votes: 985 and No Votes: 7. The Amendment PASSED.

As to Amendment Number 2: 
Article II Membership, Section 8 Quorum:
Proposed changes make the electronic proxy references consistent to confirm that Members submitting electronic proxies in accordance with Article II, Section 9 are included for Article II, Section 8 Quorum purposes.
Yes Votes: 977 and No Votes: 10. The Amendment PASSED.

As to Amendment Number 3: 
Article II Membership, Section 10 (New) Annual or Special Meetings; Remote Communications and 11 (Revised) Membership Meeting During a Period of Emergency: Proposed changes track the new State law to allow Members of a South Carolina Nonprofit Corporation to participate in Annual or Special Meetings by means of remote communication, be deemed present in person, and permitted to vote at such meetings whether held at a designated place or solely virtually.
Yes Votes: 958 and No Votes: 33. The Amendment PASSED.

As to Amendment Number 4: 
Article III Board of Directors, Section 2 Elections and Term:
Proposed changes clarify Director’s terms commence at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting following his/her election.
Yes Votes: 985 and No Votes: 5. The Amendment PASSED.

As to Amendment Number 5:
Article V Committees, Section 1 Executive Committee:
Proposed changes limit the role and responsibility of the Executive Committee for non­emergency issues to only those two specific instances as provided by a contract of employment or ethical or conflict of interest charges levied against Board Directors or Committee Members.
Yes Votes: 928 and No Votes: 46. The Amendment PASSED.

As to Amendment Number 6: 
Article XI Amendment, Section 2 Bylaws:
The proposed language allows the Board to present Bylaws amendments for Member consideration (consistent with applicable South Carolina law) by written or electronic ballot without a meeting with such amendment votes being presented in conjunction with Director elections to simplify, consolidate and streamline whenever possible the voting process for Members.
Yes Votes: 956 and No Votes: 36. The Amendment PASSED.

Click here for the Certification of the Bylaw Amendment Vote.