Annual Meeting: Consent to Electronic Proxy, Voting and Notice of Meetings

This year’s Annual Meeting offers flexibility in attendance options, catering to the diverse needs of members. Members can choose to attend the meeting in person on October 12 at the Omni Resort or participate remotely. This expanded remote participation is possible due to the bylaw amendment approved last year.

The Association has partnered with GetQuorum, a technology platform, to streamline the proxy card solicitation process and enhance remote participation options for members.

Last week, GetQuorum initiated communication with members via email, inviting them to opt-in for electronic proxy cards and remote meeting attendance. Opting in is necessary for submitting electronic proxy cards and participating remotely in the Annual Meeting. Please whitelist to make sure you receive these emails. If you need assistance with this, please call the Admin Office at 843-785-1109.

Please note that only one consent is sent per property, as each property is entitled to one vote. Emails are sent to the first owner listed on the account.

If none of the property owners listed on your account received an email from GetQuorum or if you need to have the email address updated or resent, please contact Elizabeth Simpson at