Alligator Safety

Warm spring weather means alligators are more active and more visible. Rising temperatures increase an alligator’s metabolism, which means they begin seeking prey. Occasionally you’ll see them basking in the sun as they regulate their body temperature. Alligator mating season begins in early April and goes into June.

This means that you may encounter an alligator when walking near the water, participating in recreational water activities, or if the alligator has been fed and become habituated to humans. While we do not wish to inspire fear, we do want to take this opportunity to remind our owners and guests to always use caution around bodies of water and to remain vigilant of your surroundings.

  • DO NOT feed alligators. Feeding alligators is illegal and can result in substantial fines and/or jail time.
  • DO NOT approach alligators, no matter how big or small. Alligators can move fast!
  • DO NOT walk up to an alligator to take a photo or to see it closer.
  • DO NOT taunt, tease or bait alligators.
  • DO NOT swim in lakes or lagoons.
  • DO keep your distance. If you encounter an alligator, walk backward as you back away from it.
  • DO keep your pets and children away from alligators.
  • DO keep pets on a leash and away from the water.
  • DO report any aggressive behavior, or alligator feeding and harassment, to the Palmetto Dunes Security Department at (843) 785-1120.

Click here to download our Alligator Rack Card to share with your guests.