A Message from the Board Chair-Deer Management Policy

Palmetto Dunes Deer Survey 2014-2020 assesment w correct visibilites (1-24-20)

Folk Land Management: Old Data vs. Revised Data Chart

The beauty of our natural environment, including the wildlife, is often cited as an important factor among those who purchase or spend time in Palmetto Dunes. As a Board, we are entrusted to help protect and maintain Palmetto Dunes, now and for the future.

At last week’s Board meeting, the Board approved the Deer Management Policy and authorized a cull. With substantial debate, this decision was reached based on concerns from property owners, consulting with experts, and an extensive review of data that has been collected since 2014.

Regrettably, we have determined, and our deer spotlight survey vendor has confirmed, that a key deer density metric provided to the Association was incorrectly calculated in 2020. In fact, this miscalculation of observable acres has persisted since the first deer spotlight survey was conducted in 2014.

Upon receipt of the corrected deer density metric from the vendor, the Board convened an Executive Session on Monday to review and discuss this new information. Based on the newly provided data, the Board decided it is in the best interest of the entire community to cancel the approved cull at this time and conduct a new deer spotlight survey during its normal period (August/September) of 2021 – enabling accurate deer density data to be obtained upon which community decisions can confidently be made.

The Association will work with a new vendor in late summer/early fall of this year to obtain a new, validated deer density metric, including a current observable acreage measurement for our community. Until then, the revised report prepared by Folk Land Management is now available on our website along with a comparison of the prior deer density metric and updated deer density metric.

Wilbur Strickland

PDPOA Board Chair