June 2022

Where We Are Today

As promised, here is an update on the reimagined Dunes House. This project gives us a great opportunity to finally have an owner’s beachfront amenity, which has been a stated desire for many of you.

We trust this update will provide you with comprehensive next steps for the proposed Dunes House project. A similar update was sent last year. Since that time, your board has continued to work hard to ensure input is incorporated, concerns are addressed, and to help move forward in building this gathering place to enjoy for many years to come! This information provides you with updates, new details about the project, and a timeline so you are fully informed.

What’s next for the proposed Dunes House?

We sent out a brief survey via email on June 14th for you to complete about the project. This is a major endeavor for the Association, and it is very important we get as many owners as possible to provide feedback by COMPLETING THE SURVEY in a timely manner. Please, take the time to read the details  and let us know your interest in the project via the survey. Thank you for taking this request seriously – we want every owner’s voice to be heard. The results will help our board determine how this project moves forward.

We are excited to have this opportunity to enhance our true piece of paradise here in Palmetto Dunes. Thank you for providing your feedback on this project.

All the best,

Jerry Bowling
Board Chair, Palmetto Dunes POA


What's Changed?
Based on input from our Palmetto Dunes owners, we have made significant project updates over the past year. Click here for significant updates.
Frequently Asked Questions

We want our property owners to have all the facts about the Dunes House project. Click here for FAQs.


How will the project be funded? What are the lease payments and terms? Click here for funding details.


This project started in 2018 when our Amenities survey was conducted. From those who responded, a beachfront clubhouse was the most desired amenity. Click here for the timeline.

Memorandum of Understanding

The Association and Greenwood signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2021. This is a non-binding agreement that sets the framework for a more formal agreement if both organizations continue to move forward. Click here for the MOU.

Additional Information

Community Comparions, Rental Rate Information, and links to background information including survey results, owner comments, and historical information. Click here.