The Palmetto Dunes Property Owners Association administrative office is located at 16 Queen’s Folly Road, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 and can be reached at (843) 785-1109.


Contact Sara Manesiotis, our Administrative Coordinator, if you need a mailbox or mailbox repair, or if you have any general questions about the PDPOA.                                   

You can reach Sara at  843-785-1109 or by email at

*Notary Public, State of South Carolina


Contact our ARB Administrator, Kate Nolan, if you are planning any exterior work on your property including renovation/new construction, roofing, painting, pools, dumpsters, or tree trimming/removals. Kate is happy to answer any of your ARB-related questions.

You can reach Kate at  843-785-1109, ext. 104 or by email at


Contact our Community Standards Representative, Kartrena Harris-Carter, if you would like to report any covenant compliance issues or share thoughts on our compliance procedures.

You can reach Kartrena at  843-785-1109, ext. 113 or by email at


Contact our Director of Community Services, Kiley Fusco, if you have any questions related to the website, newsletter, events, new ownership, covenant compliance, a citation appeal, or weekly debris pickup.

You can reach her at 843-785-1109, ext. 106 or by email at

*Notary Public, State of South Carolina

sitephoto_Loretta Hoover

Contact Loretta Hoover – Director of Human Resources if you are an employee or potential employee of the PDPOA.

You can reach Loretta at  843-785-1109 or by email at


Contact our Controller, Matthew Nemes, if you have any  questions regarding financials issue related to the Palmetto Dunes POA including the annual assessment, transfer fee, transportation fee, operating budget, or capital budget.

You can reach Matt at 843-785-1109, ext. 110, or by email at


Contact Jasmine Milledge, Staff Accountant & Closing Administrator, if you have any questions regarding closing documents, fees, annual assessments, or invoices.

You can reach Jasmine at  843-785-1109, ext. 103 or by email at

*Notary Public, State of South Carolina


Contact Ben Brown, our Principal Planner & Project Manager, if you have any concerns regarding capital projects in the community.

You can reach Ben at


If you would like to speak with our CEO, please contact Andrew Schumacher at 843-785-1109, ex. 108 or by email at