Yard Arm Gate

Published June 21, 2019

At June’s PDPOA Board Meeting, the Yardarm Gate proposal, which proposed repurposing of the existing fire emergency access at Yard Arm into a permanent ingress/egress for vehicular traffic, was presented and voted on by the board. The goals of this alternate ingress/egress was to alleviate the congestion in and around the PD Circle and along Mooring Buoy to the three way stop; provide a convenient alternative entrance/exit; and provide access to Mariners when the North Gate bridge is being replaced. After careful review of the comprehensive proposal, property owner comments and a healthy debate, the board voted not to approve the proposal as presented. A majority of the board could not support the capital investment and impact to the neighboring community over the perceived benefits this gate may have.

Published June 3, 2019

During the upcoming June 20th PDPOA Board Meeting, the final Yardarm Gate proposal will be submitted and voted on by the board. The board has carefully reviewed the business case and all submitted property owner comments regarding the proposal. Yardarm Gate member comments can be found on the Member Comments page of our web site. 

Yardarm Gate

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