Proposed Bylaw Amendments-Member Comment Period Open

At September’s Board meeting, the Board will be voting on the proposed Bylaw Amendments for consideration by the membership at this year’s Annual Meeting. As the community and the world continue to evolve, so should some of our governing documents. The Bylaws were last amended by the membership in 2014.

The purpose of these amendments is two-fold; first to allow the Association to host the Annual Meeting electronically; secondly, to enable all owners the ability to vote on candidates via a ballot.

Assuming the Board supports the proposed amendments, they will be presented to the membership at the October Annual Meeting for membership approval. Currently, our Bylaws do not permit the Association to conduct the Annual Meeting electronically. Given the current environment with respect to COVID-19 and in an effort to protect the health and safety of the owners and staff, the Association would prefer to have an option to host the meeting electronically. Proposed amendments 3 and 5 would remove the restriction of electronic meetings and permit the Association to hold the meeting electronically.

Additionally, based on feedback from the membership and review of neighboring community’s election processes, the Board is proposing to change the options available to elect directors. Currently, the membership can only elect directors by either being present at the Annual Meeting or giving a proxy to another individual that will be present at the meeting to vote on their behalf. The balance of these amendments would provide for a method of electing Directors by ballot voting of the membership prior to and outside the Annual Meeting. This would give every member the opportunity to elect directors via a ballot, even if they cannot attend the Annual Meeting. The results of the election would then be announced at the Annual Meeting.

We are now soliciting feedback from the membership with the goal of seeking approval by the Board at their September meeting. The online member comment period is open until Monday, August 31 at 5pm. Please provide feedback only related to these amendments. We are not seeking comments on other sections of the Bylaws, as the Board is not proposing a total rewrite of the Bylaws.

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