Palmetto Dunes Property Owners Association Board of Directors: What’s it All About?

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March 30, 2021
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March 30, 2021

Palmetto Dunes Property Owners Association Board of Directors: What’s it All About?

Palmetto Dunes Property Owners Association Board of Directors: What’s it All About?

If you’ve ever considered joining the board—and even if you haven’t—this is worth a read.

Every year, three new Directors of the Board are elected by the membership to replace those Directors whose tenure and contribution have come to a close and are rotating off the board. To provide continuity and vitality for the community, the three-year terms of the Directors are staggered per our Bylaws. This year, like every other, the community seeks and will elect three new Directors. The objective of this article is to answer questions so you can determine if applying to join the board might be right for you.

Why would I consider becoming a Director?
If you enjoy spending time in Palmetto Dunes and you have a passion to make our community even better, then you might consider raising your hand to join the board. You need not have a particular vision—just a desire to listen, study, carefully evaluate alternatives, and work with your fellow neighbors to elevate our Palmetto Dunes for all.

What skills and experiences should a Director have?
Previous experience leading a group, department, or company is helpful—just as is serving on any corporate, non-profit, or homeowner boards. While this experience is not essential, the ability to explore all options; review facts, figures and data; and methodically drive toward decisions while collegially reviewing options with management and all other board members is vital. Like all boards, ours performs best as a team—sharing, challenging, and then resolving on the best ideas and approaches.

What should I expect as a Board member?
You’ll spend time, work with and learn from a diverse and experienced group of people. You’ll lead discussions and actively contribute to them. You’ll consider all possible ways to enhance Palmetto Dunes—from evaluating strategic options to reviewing and formulating policy to overseeing the implementation of approaches. You’ll learn much more than you thought possible—and contribute as much as well.

Does it matter if I am a full-time, part-time or rental property owner?
No. Any property owner in good standing (no outstanding fees, fines or covenant violations) can apply to be a board member. With advances in technology, board members can actively participate from any location. However, if your fellow owners elect you, you will be expected to participate in board meetings and working sessions.

How much time does being a Director require?
The two to three hours spent during the nine “monthly” meetings is the minority of your time commitment. You should expect to dedicate anywhere between 10 and 20 hours per month—which includes meeting preparation, talking with your fellow board members and neighbors, and perhaps leading a committee.

What is the process to become a Director?
With last year’s change in our Bylaws, Directors will be elected by a ballot which will be mailed (or emailed) to every owner approximately 30 days prior to the 2021 Annual Meeting in October. Owners will select one Director for each open directorship—typically three per year.

In summary, there are two paths to arrive on the ballot. One path is to seek the endorsement of the Nominating Committee who will identify and recommend one candidate for each open directorship. The second approach is to obtain the signatures of ten Palmetto Dunes property owners no later than 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting—and to provide those signatures to the Secretary, Mark Carroll.

The course you select is up to you. However, most owners who do not have the time to fully vet each candidate rely upon the recommendations of the Nominating Committee to guide their choice.

What is the general schedule?
On Tuesday, April 13 at 5:00PM, the Nominating Committee invites all owners who might consider joining the board to a one-hour Zoom session. Board members Erin Gaian and Lee Smith will provide a brief overview of the role and answer any and all questions about being a board member and the process to become a Director. Just visit to sign up for the informational Zoom session.


During May, the Nominating Committee will welcome materials from those seeking to join the board through the nominating process.

In June, the Nominating Committee will meet with all interested board candidates, and will identify the three nominated owners in early July who will appear on the 2021 ballot. Also in July, owners seeking to join the board can provide the required ten signatures to appear on the 2021 ballot.

Ballots will be issued in late August or September, with the owners receiving the most votes being identified in October during the 2021 Annual Meeting—and becoming Palmetto Dunes Property Owner Directors effective the first board meeting following the Annual Meeting.

Who is on the Nominating Committee?
Per our Bylaws, the Nominating Committee is composed of five owners—two who are currently members of the board, and three who are not. This year, Palmetto Dunes invited any interested owner to join the Nominating Committee—which is composed of Dave Carothers, Kurt Faires, Janet Fantano, Erin Gaian, and Lee Smith.

What’s next?
Mark your calendar and attend the 5:00PM Zoom session on Tuesday, April 13 to ask any and all questions for answers and insight. Just visit to sign up for the informational Zoom session.

If you might be interested, feel free to reach out to any current or past board member to ask questions. Consider how you can help elevate Palmetto Dunes, and the level of joy and satisfaction you might receive from doing so. You’ll meet great people along the way, and you’ll certainly make more friends within Palmetto Dunes.

Current Board Members

Name Year of Appointment Email Address Telephone
Wilbur Strickland 2018 843-290-9384
Mike Vaccaro 2018 843-290-3076
Lee Smith 2018 917-319-4931
Jerry Bowling 2019 508-685-8869
Mark Carroll 2019 417-839-3804
Ric Gorman 2019 704-609-1807
Grover Cleaveland 2020 843-341-6614
Erin Gaian 2020 781-405-3746
Sean Moore 2020 732-312-8632
Brandon Smith
(Greenwood Representative)
2020 864-229-4063

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