7 Lee Shore Redevelopment FAQ

  • Why was this property, in particular, purchased and why do we need it?
    The acquisition is aligned with the long-term strategic plan to acquire property to repurpose for the membership, build a sense of community, and increase access to the lagoon. This was a once-in-a-generation opportunity to acquire four contiguous lots with 675 linear feet on the lagoon.
  • How will the property be used?
    The recommendation from the 7 Lee Shore Redevelopment committee is to develop a lagoon front multi-purpose clubhouse, dock/kayak launch and outdoor park-like facility set in a natural environment.
  • What features will 7 Lee Shore offer?
    • Enclosed community building
      • 4,000 SF
      • Meeting rooms
      • Screened porch and separate deck
      • Small catering prep kitchen
      • Restrooms
    • Open air pavilion
    • Trellis swings, picnic area and fire pits
    • Kayak and boat docks, kayak storage
    • Owners-only parking for 49 vehicles
    • Barcode/arm controlled parking access
    • Lots of bicycle parking
    • Open spaces and walking trails
    • Children’s tree house play area


  • What other features were considered?
    The committee looked at the feasibility of including a pool, full-service food and beverage, as well as a fitness center and determined they would not work with 7 Lee Shore.

    • Swimming Pool. A swimming pool would only serve a small portion of the population and introduce noise, cost and management issues.
    • Full-service food and beverage. There are already multiple existing restaurants in Palmetto Dunes, and a community-operated facility and staffing is not financially feasible.
    • Fitness Center. Lava Fitness recently opened in Palmetto Dunes, so a second fitness center would not be warranted. The possibility of a fitness room in the community center could be explored if there is enough interest.
  • Who will have access to 7 Lee Shore?
    Access to the 7 Lee Shore property will be open to everyone in Palmetto Dunes from 7am-9pm. However, only owners will have access to parking, the community building, and kayak storage.
  • How will the property be accessed?
    Palmetto Dunes property owners will be able to park in the owners-only parking lot, consisting of 49 spaces, that is controlled by a barcode/arm. Others can access the park by walking or biking.
  • How much did it cost, and how will we pay for it?
    The cost of the property was $2,050,000. $1,050,000 came from the Community Enhancement Fund (CEF) and $1million came from the General Fund, which the CEF will reimburse over the next 3 years. Any funding for approved redevelopment plans will come as a recommendation from the Finance Committee to the Board of Directors.
  • What happens if the property is not developed?
    7 Lee Shore can be retained as green space or sold—either as a single lot or subdivided into four lots.
  • What impact does the redevelopment of 7 Lee Shore have upon my assessment?
    None. Pending a finance committee recommendation, the project will be paid using the ½ of 1% fee that is paid by owners when purchasing property (called the Community Enhancement Fee) within Palmetto Dunes.
  • Will there be any assessment impact associated with the ongoing maintenance of 7 Lee Shore once it’s built?
    Just like your home, the POA will have to pay taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance and other operating costs. It is expected that many of these expenses could be offset by rental income and/or the reduction in other PDPOA operating costs—resulting in a nominal impact.
  • How does this benefit the community?
    Having this outdoor amenity will give the community a much-needed meeting place, along with access to the lagoon system for all residents and owners. It adds an activity and play space for children and families. Developing 7 Lee Shore as an outdoor park reduces the density in the community vs. 4 developed residential lots with large homes and pools.
  • What’s next?
    We encourage you to consider all of your amenity options and determine which you prefer first. Feel free to ask questions, read the accompanied information and discuss with your fellow owners. You will be requested to share your thoughts so we understand the needs of the entire community.

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