7 Lee Shore Redevelopment

The 7 Lee Shore Redevelopment Committee, an ad hoc committee reporting to the Board of Directors, was established by the Board at their September 20, 2018 meeting.  This is pursuant to Article V, Section 2 of the Palmetto Dunes POA (PDPOA) Bylaws.


The purpose of the Committee is to make a recommendation(s) for the redevelopment of 7 Lee Shore to the PDPOA Board of Directors.  Committee members are expected to fully participate in a defined process ensuring that all key stakeholders have the opportunity to provide input to the redevelopment of 7 Lee Shore.


The Committee is charged with actively participating in all meetings (utilize team buddy if not available to attend), listen to all input provided by key stakeholders, collaborate and create at least 2 but not more than 3 options and an implementable recommendation that reflects stakeholder’s desires and fits within any guidelines the board may set forth. The recommendation should include the reasons why it is the most desirable of the options considered.

Current Status

July 1, 2019
The online Member Comment period regarding the plans and proposal is now open. We appreciate your feedback.

June 20, 2019
The 7 Lee Shore Redevelopment Committee has been working on a plans for the redevelopment of 7 Lee Shore for the past six months. Late last year the community surveyed residents to gather owner input on existing amenities and what enhancements should be made for the future. This past February the committee hosted engagement sessions to garner feedback from various stakeholders. The committee used this survey data and feedback from the engagement sessions as key indicators of community needs and wants. Many of the committee members visited other communities in the lowcountry to explore amenity ideas and options to be considered for this property.

The members drafted guiding principles and basic design givens that were shared with two land planning firms. Both firms presented two plans for committee review and consideration. The committee then selected one of the firms to work with on finalizing one conceptual plan that meets most of the criteria and guiding principles.

The 7 Lee Shore Redevelopment Committee completed its work and presented a business proposal and conceptual plans for the redevelopment of 7 Lee Shore to the board at its June meeting.  All project estimates very conceptual at this time. The board  will not be taking any actions on the redevelopment of 7 Lee Shore until the Beach Front Ad Hoc Committee completes its work.

The plans and proposal are available for review on our website. In July, we will have a Member Comment period, similar to the one used for Yard Arm Gate input, to solicit feedback from the membership regarding the plans and proposal. This will be another tool the board will use before they a make decision on the redevelopment of this property.

7 Lee Shore Redevelopment Overview

Lagoonfont multi-purpose clubhouse, dock/kayak launch and outdoor facility set in a natural environment.


  • Enclosed community building
    – 4,000 SF
    – Meeting rooms
    – Screened porch and separate deck
    – Small catering prep kitchen
    – Restrooms
  • Open air pavilion
  • Trellis swings, picnic area and fire pits
  • Kayak and boat docks, kayak storage
  • Owners-only parking for 49 vehicles
  • Barcode/arm controlled parking access
  • Lots of bicycle parking
  • Open spaces and walking trails
  • Children’s tree house play area

Design Concepts

Click here to download conceptual plans.

Ad Hoc Committee Members

Jim Gant

Jack Purcell

Jim Bankes

Ann D. O’Neil

Jeff Kurtz

Joe Maggi

Mary Amonitti

Ellen Steele

Mark Britanisky

Mike Vaccaro