Palmetto Dunes Home of the Month

The PDPOA is pleased to announce the creation of the Home of the Month award program to show their appreciation and to recognize those homeowners who demonstrate superior effort in maintaining their property, and who, as a result, positively contribute to the overall appearance of Palmetto Dunes.

This award recognizes the efforts of homeowners that demonstrate a clear and consistent desire to maintain or improve their properties and whose efforts are a model and inspiration for the neighborhood. Each monthly winner will receive special recognition in the Tidings, Palmetto Perspective, and PDPOA web site.


Program Guidelines

  • Judging for the award will be provided by an independent representative of the management company overseeing covenant enforcement using the criteria below.
  • The award term lasts from the first day to the last day of a calendar month.
  • The same property cannot receive more than one award in the same rolling 12 month calendar period.
  •  The property of all current residents of Palmetto Dunes, both owner-occupied and rental, are automatically eligible to participate in the program, including those homeowners involved in the governance of the POA.
  • Home of the Month winners must be members of good standing with PDPOA, current with assessments, and free of current covenant violations.
  • The occupants of a Yard of the Month winning home will receive the gift card award.
  • The upkeep of the yard can reflect the efforts of the residents themselves or that of a professional landscaper.
  • During their reign as Home of the Month, winners are expected to maintain their yard in the same manner that allowed them to win the title.