The purpose of this Charter is to provide for the operation of the PDPOA Hearing Board and its responsibilities, as provided by the 2004 Amendment to the Covenants, additional restatements of the Resort Regulations, Design and Construction Guidelines, and the Short-Term Rental Policies, Procedures & Guidelines (PPG’s).

The Hearing Board’s mission is to ensure fairness and consistency in the application of all PDPOA policies, procedures, and regulations for all those who live, invest, work, and play here. The Hearing Board has the vested authority to uphold compliance, conduct a hearing, determine whether to ratify a decision or a citation and the fine imposed by PDPOA, and render a decision that is binding on all parties.
At the monthly hearings, the Hearing Board will render decisions on the following appeals:

  • Private citations
  • ARB decisions
  • Covenant compliance violations
  • Short-Term Rental PP&G’s violations

The Hearing Board consists of five homeowners that are appointed annually by the Board.  The PDPOA Board has determined the desirability for Hearing Board members to serve three (3) consecutive years. 

The online member comment period is open until August 6th at 5pm. 

Please provide your feedback only related to the Hearing Board Charter.