Marine Patrol

Published May 1, 2020

One of our most precious amenities is our 11-mile lagoon system, which meanders through the Palmetto Dunes and Leamington communities. Within Palmetto Dunes, there are approximately 2,200 residential properties. Of these, there are approximately 335 lots that are situated on the lagoon system. Leamington has approximately 850 residential properties in which approximately 113 of these lots are situated on the lagoon system.

Last year, I was invited to attend several Lagoon and Lake Advisory Group meetings. During the initial meeting, I was informed that the group was concerned about compliance issues within and along the lagoon system. Some of the concerns that were shared included boats travelling too fast and creating wakes (potentially causing property damage), illegal dumping (yard debris, insecticides, pool discharge), noise from the rear of homes and towel violations.

Palmetto Dunes has never provided patrol services from within the lagoon system. However, it was clear from these meetings that the Lagoon and Lake Advisory Group was seeking the presence of security within the lagoon system as both a deterrent to nuisance activity and to enforce covenant violations. As such, a business case was prepared and subsequently approved to purchase a gas-powered boat for the purpose of deploying security resources within the lagoon system.

During the first quarter of 2020, the security department purchased a 16-foot gas powered Carolina Skiff fiberglass boat. The type and size of the boat was based on input from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, a local police department marine unit, and the Lagoon and Lake Advisory Group.

For the first year, staffing will be provided by existing security personnel on a part-time basis. The goal is to provide 12-24 hours of patrol service per week, weather permitting. As this is a new program for our security department, we expect that the first year will provide valuable information to help us plan for future staffing and deployments. Although the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused some changes in security operations, we anticipate meeting our goal of deploying our marine patrol during the week of May 11.

Also, listed below are a few friendly reminders to help with safety and security in our community:
Continue to exercise social distancing and follow the recommendations of reputable sources.
Be prepared to stop as you approach the gate attendant.
Please abide by all posted speed limits.
Decals must be affixed to the assigned vehicle. Also, passes must be displayed at all times.
Parking on lawns is not permitted.
Motorcycles are prohibited.
Cyclists and pedestrians must use leisure paths where available. Automobiles have the right of way.
Loud music or excessive noise is not tolerated at any time.
Do not feed any wildlife. SC Law prohibits the feeding, enticing or harassing of alligators.
Fireworks are not permitted.
Do not hang towels and swimwear from railings.

If you are away from home and your house is unoccupied, we encourage you to sign up for our complimentary house check program at

Please also remember to take care of the basics, such as locking cars and residences, immediately reporting suspicious activity, and immediately reporting aggressive wildlife or wildlife that is being harassed or fed. If you have access to a smart phone, please download the free ABDI mobile app for easy access to entering passes and much more. As with all of our services, we are here to help.

Should you have any questions or need assistance with security related matters, please do not hesitate to contact me at (843) 785-1120 or via email at For other helpful information, you can visit our website at

—Jim Griner, Chief of Security

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