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June 15, 2020
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Deer Management Educational Session Recording

As part of our Deer Management Program, we held our virtual Deer Management Educational Session on Tuesday, July 14. Our four speakers are experts in the field of deer management and discussed issues communities are facing when it comes to deer populations and possible solutions.

Speakers for the session are Charles Ruth, Dean Harigal, David Henderson, and Gino D’Angelo.

Charles Ruth serves as Wildlife Biologist with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. In February of 2020, he was awarded the Deer Management Career Achievement Award by the Southeast Deer Committee for his contributions and dedication to white-tailed deer management in South Carolina and the Southeast.

Dean Harigal is a Wildlife Biologist with Folk Land Management. He provides a wide variety of wildlife management services including habitat management and development and conflict species management (deer and alligator) to private landowners, gated communities, and municipal governments. He was previously the SCDNR Regional Coordinator for Wildlife Region IV.

David Henderson is a Wildlife Biologist for Lowcountry Wildlife Specialists. He has been providing deer management services on Hilton Head Island since 1998.

Gino D’Angelo is an Assistant Professor of Deer Ecology and Management in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at the University of Georgia. D’Angelo’s research focuses on the ecology and management of deer species. He and his students conduct studies aimed at improving deer population management, guiding science-driven management by state and federal agencies, mitigation of deer-human conflicts, and enhancing knowledge of deer anatomy and physiology.

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