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We know that property owners have questions for the PDPOA and sometimes don’t know who to ask, or ask questions at the board meetings that need to be answered. This page includes the most recently asked and answered questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question, just send it in through our Ask & Answer form and we’ll get it answered.

  • Are electric bikes allowed in PD?
    No, electric bicycles are not allowed in Palmetto Dunes. Per the Resort Regulations, the roads and streets in Palmetto Dunes Resort are for the exclusive use of automobiles, authorized trucks and buses. The term “automobile,” as used in all PD Covenants, shall be deemed to mean a four-wheel passenger motor vehicle which meets all criteria for operation on an interstate highway within the state of South Carolina. All other vehicles, including, but not limited to motorcycles, motorbikes, motorized scooters, go carts, mopeds or all-terrain vehicles may be not operated anywhere within Palmetto Dunes Resort.
  • What are the hours and days that UPS or Amazon are allowed to deliver within Palmetto Dunes?
    Amazon Prime is able to deliver in the community without purchasing a commercial pass or decal. Also, there are no restrictions on the hours or days they are able to deliver.
  • What is the plan for the Dunes Club located along Carnoustie Road?
    The Palmetto Dunes Club on Carnoustie Road does not belong to the Palmetto Dunes POA. It was previously a private club and once it closed its doors several years ago became the property of Greenwood Communities & Resorts as a result of a reverter clause in the deed. Unfortunately, Palmetto Dunes POA community standards only apply to the single and multi-family properties—not commercial properties. We do not know of any current plans that Greenwood has for the building.
  • During summer months, what are the trucks spraying in the community at night and what is their schedule?
    These trucks are spraying for mosquitos. Sprayings are conducted on Mondays (weather permitting) after 9PM and are adjusted as needed.
  • Can we get recycling cans on the beach?
    The beaches on Hilton Head Island, including in front of the property in Palmetto Dunes, are maintained by the Town of Hilton Head Island. They contract with Shore Beach Services for all trash services. They are currently only placing recycling bins at public beach access points. From the Dunes House to the south, there are 19 recycling bins. North of the Dunes House in Palmetto Dunes, there are no recycling bins at beach access points because the accesses are private.
  • What is happening with the property at 7 Lee Shore?
    At November’s PDPOA Board Meeting, the Board voted to take the next steps toward the redevelopment of the Dunes House. This includes establishing a committee to work with Greenwood to draft an agreement for the redevelopment of the Dunes House to be brought to the full board for approval and investigating the potential hurdles from various authorities such as the Town of Hilton Head, DHEC, etc. No decisions will be made in regard to the future of 7 Lee Shore until the Dunes House option has been explored in full.
    Click here for all information on 7 Lee Shore and possible plans for redevelopment.
  • What area is maintained by the PDPOA and what is maintained by Greenwood?
    PDPOA maintains the common areas – roads, bridges, lagoon, leisure paths, and landscaped areas like Queen’s Folly corridor – the non-revenue producing amenities. Greenwood Communities & Resorts, the corporate entity in the community, is responsible for the income-producing amenities, such as the three golf courses and pro-shops, tennis courts, General Store, Big Jim’s, Dunes House, Outfitters, The PD Club, etc.

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