Project & Facilities Update: Mobimats, Queens Grant/Queens Folly Crosswalk & Mailbox Relocation

Mobimat: Beach Mobility Mats

The Association continues to work to improve overall accessibility within the community. The initiative to install MobiMats, rollout mats that will improve access to the beach, will be implemented on a trial basis. The team is beginning with the installation of a 100’ section at the end of the beach walk at the Dunes House, which was successfully installed this morning. This will be a test for installation, maintenance of the walkway, and overall effectiveness. The objective is to continue the installation of mobility mats where needed to improve the overall beach experience for all who enjoy the beach in our community.

Queens Grant and Queens Folly Crosswalk

The construction of a new pathway crossing project along Queens Folly at the Queens Grants intersection is being coordinated to improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians along the Queens Folly corridor. Construction work is scheduled to begin at the end of next week (tentatively May 19th) and will take approximately 2 weeks to complete. Please be aware that there may be a possible single-lane closure in the area during daytime hours.

Mailbox Relocation

The two mailboxes adjacent to 6 Trent Jones (in front of the Tennis Courts) will be relocated to improve safety along the Queens Folly corridor. The plan is to relocate the Broad Creek PSD mailbox to 16 Queens Folly Rd. The Post Office mailbox relocation is currently in process and a separate notification will be released upon agreement with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

If you have any questions on the current safety and accessibility projects, please contact the Project Manager, Alexis Cook, at or Jeffrey Starr,