Mooring Buoy Redevelopment Project Update

As our team enters the initial design phase of the Mooring Buoy Redevelopment Project, we look to provide a detailed update for our homeowners and stakeholders. The scope of this project, which is scheduled to commence in September 2023, will include the installation of new stormwater drainage infrastructure, roadway paving, and leisure pathway reconfiguration and realignment. The Broad Creek Public Service District (BCPSD) will also coordinate domestic waterline replacement during the project. Our objective is to modernize the infrastructure, improve safety and accessibility, and enhance the overall experience for those who live within and visit our coastal resort community. The project is targeted for completion in April 2024.

Like other large-scale infrastructure projects within Palmetto Dunes, the road will be reconstructed after the underground infrastructure work is complete. This project is nearly identical in scope to the redevelopment of Sea Lane, which took place in 2021. Although no physical work will be performed on the T streets during this project, residents on these streets (Dinghy, East Wind, Flotilla, Galleon, High Rigger, Iron Clad, Junket) will also be impacted by the construction work. Residents along Sea Lane and Port Tack can expect a higher-than-normal traffic volume, as vehicular and pedestrian redirection will occur.

If you reside in or rent a home on Mooring Buoy or the adjacent T-streets, there may be temporary accessibility disruption to your driveway and/or mailbox at certain times during the project. All homeowners within the direct construction zone can expect their driveway apron to be reconstructed as a result of the new pathway and road alignment.  We recommend not scheduling any residential construction projects during this timeframe. If your property is on the rental market, please notify guests that parking may be an issue and that entering or exiting your property could be challenging at times. There will also be a considerable amount of underground utility work that could cause a disruption of service in a worst-case scenario. In cases where disruptions are experienced, our project manager will directly contact the impacted homeowners.

The project manager will likely make daily adjustments to the schedule based on weather and utility conflicts.  Unlike a new construction project, the contractor will likely encounter several unanticipated challenges. For example, if the pipe crew discovers unmarked utilities, they may have to remobilize to a different area until the conflict has been resolved by the utility crews.

Thank you for your patience as we complete another phase of infrastructure improvements here within Palmetto Dunes. We will provide regular updates as our planning efforts progress. If you have any questions about this project, please contact our Project Manager, Alexis Cook, at