Member-Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Any member of the Palmetto Dunes Property Owners Association may propose an amendment to our governing bylaws by a written proposal signed by at least 100 of our association Members. The amendment shall then be presented to the Membership at the Annual Meeting.

As we prepare for our 2022 Annual Meeting in October, the Board of Directors has received five (5) proposed amendments to be voted on by the Membership. The Board has thoroughly reviewed these proposed amendments, including a review by our legal counsel, and has voted not to support any of the five (5).

Our board and administrative team work diligently to maintain the appearance, smooth operation, and excellent fiscal management of our association. Our current bylaws provide that the Association shall be managed by the Board of Directors. This is consistent with the South Carolina Non-Profit Act, and generally, with homeowner associations throughout South Carolina. The Membership elects the Board of Directors and then the Directors are empowered and charged with managing the Association.

One of these amendments would irrevocably inhibit the ability of the board to financially manage our association by regularly requiring a historically, difficult to achieve a percentage of our Membership to approve financial expenditures in excess of $500,000.  While this type of amendment might be appropriate in involving the Membership to consider financial approval of extraordinary changes within the community, such as the construction of an additional amenity, the way it is written, this proposed amendment prevents the Board from carrying out its duty and its management function.

Click here to read the five proposed amendments and the Board’s reasons for voting against each one.