May Board Meeting Highlights

May Board Meeting

Yesterday’s Board Meeting was held via Zoom with approximately 25 property owners attending.

Meeting Highlights:

Chairman’s Report, Wilbur Strickland

  • Sea Lane project is substantially complete. Thank you to Ben and his team and the owners directly impacted by the project for their patience.
  • Short-Term Rental PPGs. The registration process started April 1 and we have over 90% of short-term rental properties registered.
  • Beachfront Clubhouse. The details of the Dunes House clubhouse project will be rolled out over the next few weeks. It will include details on how the beachfront clubhouse can be used, how it will be paid for, and building renderings. The Board will solicit feedback from owners before making any decisions about moving forward with the project.
  • E-bikes and other electronic recreational vehicles. The Board has been looking into the topic of e-bikes and other electronic gadgets, such as one-wheelers, in the community. We are looking at rules and regulations that can be taken to bring a higher level of safety to the community.
  • We want to hear your questions and thoughts. If you’d like to get involved, please attend a weekly Coffee with Andrew or monthly Chat with the Chair. The next Chat with the Chair will be held on June 15th.
  • We’re looking at setting up ad hoc committees for Communications and Safety & Security and there will be opportunities for members of the community to join these committees.
  • Jerry Bowling was voted as Chair-Elect of the Board. He will become Board Chair after the Annual Meeting in October.

CEO’s Report, Andrew Schumacher

  • Dunes House. We will be sending out an overview of the Beachfront Clubhouse project, which includes architectural renderings, to owners in early June. We’ve entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Greenwood, which is a non-binding agreement, documenting the terms we’ve discussed over the last year. Nothing is finalized at this point. The Association is committed to getting community feedback before we move forward.
  • Short-Term Rental PPGs. Our goal this summer is for visitors to the community to watch our Welcome to Palmetto Dunes video. We are distributing rack cards with a QR code to watch the video through a number of channels. Vacation rental companies are sending cards to guests prior to their trip. The cards are also being handed out at the Pass Office and Guard Gates and we have QR codes on stickers at the Pass Office windows. We have ten a-frame signs that will be placed throughout the community with QR codes for visitors to scan directing them to the Welcome to Palmetto Dunes video. We are running a 10-week promotion this summer-by scanning the QR code and watching the video, visitors will be able to enter to win a $100 resort gift card giveaway each week.
  • Short-Term Rental Focus Group. We have put together a focus group of short-term rental owners to hear their perspective of owning an investment property in Palmetto Dunes and specifically their view of the rollout of the short-term rental PPGs.
  • Website. The new website went live this week. The site has new imagery, is more informative, and easier to navigate. Please visit the site and reach out with any feedback.
  • Bylaw Amendment. The Association is looking to present a bylaw amendment to the membership at the Annual Meeting this year. The purpose of this amendment is to remedy a Board member who specifically violates the conflict of interest policy.
  • Cell Coverage. We are still looking to improve cell phone service in the community, specifically on the north side of the community.
  • Summer Events. We are kicking off some of the events we weren’t able to host last year, as well as bringing back some of the smaller events.
    • Turtle Trot
    • Turtle Talks
    • Food Truck Fridays
    • Beach Sweep-next one is Thursday, May 27 at 7pm; looking to plan a Lagoon clean-up in the Fall
    • Fourth of July Flag Raising
    • Fall Events-Oyster Roast
  • Palmetto Dunes Cares is seeking individuals interested in serving on their Advisory Council. Please reach out to Andrew Schumacher or Ben Kinnas soon if you are interested.
  • Election of Directors will take place before the Annual Meeting this year with the results being announced at the Annual Meeting.
  • Sea Lane project finished on time and on budget even during the challenging times of COVID. The project retained the Sea Lane tree canopy.

Principal Planner’s Report, Ben Brown

  • Sea Lane, Weather Shore, Lee Shore and Starboard Tack (SL to Rum Row) – waterline replacement, new drainage infrastructure, grading, paving, pathway and landscaping: Completed on time and within budget
  • Upcoming Projects:
    • Mooring Buoy (Iron Clad to Port Tack) – drainage: Design Phase
    • Port Tack/Down Wind – drainage: Design Phase
    •  7 Lee Shore – bulkhead replacement: Permitting Phase

Chief of Security’s Report, Jim Griner

  • Short-Term Rentals: We are now notifying property owners via email within 24 hours if security has been called to their property for a short-term rental issue.
  • Community Engagement Touchpoints. Our Security Department is engaging with visitors in high-traffic areas to help educate them. We are holding monthly Safety and Security Meetings and will be sending out a community survey later this year.
  • New Hires: 5 new hires in the Security Department
  • Jim presented a draft amendment to the Resort Regulations for E-recreational vehicles. The draft amendment will be reviewed by the Association’s legal counsel and then sent out to owners for a member comment period.

Controller’s Report, Matt Nemes

  • Matt presented the monthly financials.

Treasurer’s/Finance Committee Report, Ric Gorman

  • Ric Gorman presented the Treasurer’s Report.

Committee Reports

  • ARB: Mark Carroll reported that the ARB remains busy. The ARB is still working on revisions to the new ARB PPGs document.
  • Nominating Committee: Lee Smith reported that the Nominating Committee is scheduling interviews for June. Please reach out to Lee Smith by May 28 if you are interested in joining the Board or have questions.
  • Greenwood Communities & Resorts: Brandon Smith presented a brief report on the Resort’s activity. The Resort will be bringing back HarbourFest this summer, including fireworks starting the week of June 22.

New Business.

  • The Board voted to create two ad hoc committees. Sean Moore will chair the ad hoc Communications Committee. Erin Gaian will chair the ad hoc Safety and Security Committee.

The meeting was adjourned and followed by member comments.

The next PDPOA Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 17.