Dunes House Parking Project Update

The design and planning phases for the redevelopment of Dunes House Lane and the adjacent parking areas continue to progress on schedule. Construction work is tentatively scheduled to commence in November 2023, following the Thanksgiving Day holiday. We expect the project to last approximately 90 days.

Our team recently finalized the Tree Mitigation plan for the project, which will include planting a total of twenty (20) new trees. In addition to the new tree plantings, we will implement a robust landscaping enhancement plan that will contribute to preserving the natural environment while providing great aesthetic appeal.

On July 11th, the Administration conducted a “town hall” style meeting to field questions and comments from homeowners and stakeholders. Leading up to the meeting, our Project Management Team directly engaged homeowners and the Safety & Security Committee to proactively address specific questions and concerns. This collaborative engagement produced multiple design changes and enhancements that were shared with participants during the open forum meeting. Our homeowners play a valued role in this process, and their influence is reflected via the impactful design changes that have a direct effect on the safety, accessibility, and enjoyment of our amenities and infrastructure.

Notable outcomes from our homeowner and committee engagements:

  • The beach access leisure pathway will be widened from 5 feet to 8 feet. Sharp turns will be removed.
  • Diagonal parking spaces will be provided.
  • Steeply sloped parking stalls will be removed near the entrance.
  • Street signage is to be provided at the Mooring Buoy & Dune House Lane intersection.
  • The bicycle parking area footprint will be increased to accommodate up to 84 bikes. A concrete pad will be provided to improve safety and accessibility.
  • The addition of a 15-minute parking space near the Dunes House.

The scope of work for this project includes widening, reconfiguration, and repaving of Dunes House Lane to improve pedestrian safety and allow for a better flow of traffic. All parking stalls will be reconfigured and clearly defined. Special parking accommodations will be made for handicapped, compact cars, and the Dunes Buggy.  Overall, the redevelopment of this area will help reduce congestion and improve safety and accessibility for residents and visitors who enjoy this amenity. Additionally, the enhancements will improve accessibility for fire and rescue vehicles, as the Dunes House beach boardwalk is a critical access point for emergency responders.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Jeff Starr at jstarr@pdpoa.org.