Covenant Compliance Baseline Inspections

Matt Copple, our new Covenant Compliance Representative, joined the organization in November. He recently relocated to the area from Pennsylvania where he worked as a code enforcement officer for a municipality. He is a Philadelphia Eagles and Flyers fan, and he’s excited to be living and working at the beach. He looks forward to meeting many of you as he begins baseline inspections this February.

In 2021, Covenant Compliance performed baseline inspections for all single-family properties. At that time, the goal was to remain focused on the original objective of these inspections: to enhance and maintain the overall beauty of Palmetto Dunes while supporting property values and encouraging even greater pride of ownership in our community. With a similar goal in mind, we plan on performing baseline inspections for all single-family properties again this year. This year’s baseline inspections will be performed in the same manner as they were in 2021 as follows:

  • Covenant violations will only be documented if they are visible from common areas (street, golf course, lagoon, lakes, beach access walkways, etc.). Our focus is only on what is visible from these areas.
  • The objective is to eliminate unsightly conditions and address any other requirements as defined in our Covenants (click here for the linked, streamlined checklist). ARB violations will not be included in the report.
  • Similar to 2021, owners will be given a six-month timeline for compliance.
  • For properties with an extreme lack of maintenance, a more aggressive timeline for compliance will be required.
  • Should owners have concerns with their inspection report, they can request an appeal with the Hearing Board.
  • Properties that have violation(s) will receive an inspection report. If your property is in compliance, a report will not be sent. However, if you wish to still receive a report, please reach out to Matt Copple.

We have divided the community into 7 zones, with the goal of addressing 1 zone per month. We will provide advance notice when your zone is scheduled for inspection. After the baseline inspections have been completed for a zone, properties with a violation(s) will receive the property inspection report and a timeframe to complete each item.

We continue to encourage owners selling their property to request an updated report, driving confidence that your property meets all covenant obligations—or providing the time necessary to make any adjustments prior to closing.

Owners with non-common area views to properties with an extreme lack of maintenance or covenant violations may confidentially contact us. We will make arrangements to visit the property and engage the owner.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Matt Copple, Covenant Compliance Representative at (843) 785-1109 or at

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