Beachfront Clubhouse Amenity

Access to the beach is often cited as owner’s initial attraction to Palmetto Dunes – and what keeps them here. Reflecting this sentiment, a 2018 survey revealed that 56% of all owners ranked a “beachfront club” as their most desired amenity.

In response, an ad hoc committee was formed in 2019 to explore the viability of establishing a beachfront club for Palmetto Dunes owners. After evaluating all possible alternatives, assessing the strengths and challenges of each, and visiting neighboring community beach clubs, the committee recommended the redevelopment of the existing Dunes House to create a two-story building with a rooftop deck. The first floor would be a commercial dining facility operated by Greenwood Communities and Resorts, and the second floor and rooftop deck would be an owner’s only beachfront club operated by the Palmetto Dunes Property Owners Association.

Since that initial recommendation, there have been numerous meetings between Greenwood and the POA, with the results of those discussions outlining a potential arrangement for your review and consideration.

We have mailed out a booklet outlining the potential Beachfront Clubhouse project, which includes details on how the beachfront clubhouse can be used, how it will be paid for, and architectural renderings, to owners. The Board is committed to getting owner feedback before making any decision about moving forward with the project. Please be on the lookout for this booklet in your mailbox.