ARB Reminders

Final Project Step
Most exterior work that required an ARB permit most likely required a refundable compliance deposit to be paid prior to the issuance of the permit. Homeowners agreed to this when signing the application for an ARB project that subjected their property to an overall ARB inspection. If deficiencies were found, the homeowner was informed of them and agreed to address those items to bring their property to the current ARB standards. An ARB project approval is a two-way commitment. The homeowner is committed to improve their property, and the ARB is committed to monitoring the project and ensuring that the property will meet the ARB guidelines and overall expectations of Palmetto Dunes upon completion.

A homeowner cannot request a final inspection to close the project out and have the compliance deposit returned until, not only the primary project is completed, but any additional compliance items that were brought to the owner’s attention have been completed. In some cases, the homeowner does not call for a final inspection or respond to ARB requests about the project’s status. The project cannot be closed out until a successful final inspection has been completed.

Please do your part and make sure you, or your contractor, request a final inspection after you have completed your project!

New Design & Construction Guidelines

The ARB’s D&CGs went into effect on January 1, 2022. At that time, the ARB committed to a 9-month review. As a result of the review, and feedback we received, the Board approved the recommended amendments presented at January’s Board meeting. These amendments included:

  • Language to bring fire pits into alignment with the Town of Hilton Head Island’s Fire Rescue recreational fire regulations.
  • Color staining/painting driveways will also be treated as painting a home where a paint application must be submitted, and a sample provided.
  • Require digital color image of a new build or significant remodel at the start of the project so that the final product is very clear from the beginning of the approval process.
  • Should a homeowner wish to conduct any major renovations or additions to their existing, non-compliant property, a variance request must be submitted for the future work to be approved by the ARB.

If you have any questions about these changes, or the ARB D&CGs, please contact Monica Stites at (843) 785-1109 or Thanks to all vendors and homeowners that have embraced the new document!

All dumpsters must have an ARB permit displayed. Even if you are only doing interior work, which does not require an ARB permit, if you require a dumpster onsite for the interior project, an ARB dumpster permit must be obtained.

Almost all exterior work requires a permit. Please make sure, before the work begins, that you have an ARB permit and that it is posted onsite, visible from the street (on a window or door; not on a tree). It is the responsibility of the homeowner and contractor to ensure the permit remains posted and current. If the ARB permit is about to expire, and you are still working on the project, please make sure you have the permit extended with the ARB prior to the expiration date; allowing ample time. Working without a permit, without a posted permit, or with an expired permit may result in a fine being issued.

— Monica Stites, Community Standards Manager