Alternative Ingress & Egress – Mariner’s Community

Earlier this year, the Board of Directors endorsed a 5-year strategic plan for the community.  One of the four core initiatives is to “Modernize infrastructure and enhance accessibility and safety across the community.”  A primary objective of this strategic initiative is to improve traffic flow and congestion.

At the recommendation of the Safety and Security Committee, along with support from the Board of Directors, the Association will begin exploring the feasibility and associated benefits and impacts of providing alternative ingress and egress access for vehicular traffic within the Mariner’s community. Although this initiative was originally explored in 2018 – 2019, management will reevaluate how this initiative can enhance accessibility and security, while also improving safety within the Queens Folly corridor by alleviating some traffic. The study will focus on two key areas, near the Swing About and Yard Arm emergency gates. The conceptual plans will likely include dedicated leisure pathways to bolster the safety of pedestrian traffic in these areas.

The Association wants to give owners who would be most affected by the alternate ingress and egress locations the opportunity to express their thoughts, opinions, and concerns from the start and participate in the process. In order to do so, management will host a Town Hall-style discussion, as well as conduct onsite meetings for those directly impacted within the proposed areas. We will also provide the opportunity for one-on-one discussions with owners that have specific concerns regarding this project.

The first phase of this plan is to engage a land planner, the Town of Hilton Head, Greenwood Communities and Resorts, and to conduct a land survey in the Swing About gate area. Homeowners in the vicinity of the Swing About emergency gate can expect to see survey-related activities (conducted by Nandina/Sea Island) within the coming weeks. The Association will provide advance notice before the mobilization of the survey crew. If you have any questions regarding this preliminary survey work, please contact our Director of Projects & Facilities, Jeff Starr, at