Alternate Ingress & Egress Update

Last month, the Association briefly mentioned relooking at the possibility of providing alternate ingress and egress within the Mariners community. In hindsight, perhaps this announcement was premature as the management team is still in the very early stages of exploring options and absolutely no decision has been made to move forward.

Among various options, we are revisiting the work from the Yard Arm proposal from a few years ago as well as exploring an opportunity at the fire emergency gate near Swing About – Offshore. The Association has engaged the services of a land planning firm to explore alternatives for consideration as well as having an initial conversation with the Town of Hilton Head, Fire & Rescue, and the South Carolina Department of Transportation. Also, survey work was recently completed in the vicinity of Swing About and Offshore

Property owner input and feedback will be a critical component of the process.  Similar to the upcoming Mooring Buoy and Dunes House redevelopment projects, we will offer an opportunity for community engagement.

Again, let us repeat that this is still in the initial, conceptual phase of the project.  It may be that no additional entrance of any sort is added.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a member of the management team:

Chief Executive Officer – Andrew Schumacher:
Director of Projects & Facilities – Jeff Starr: