Community Rules

In order to ensure that our guests are behaving in a neighborly way and are abiding by our rules and regulations, we ask that you display this sheet in each of your rental units. You can also encourage visitors to review the Guests portion of our website, as well as the rules displayed on the back of their guest pass.

Guests Pass Fees

  • 1-2 Days: Free
  • 3-7 Days: $15
  • 8-14 Days: $30
  • 15-28 Days: $45
  • 29-60 Days: Free

Rental pass fees charged to vehicles accessing Palmetto Dunes as part of a residential rental will increase effective September 1, 2019. The new fees reflect the increased expenses the PDPOA incurs to maintain our infrastructure and provide safety for our residents and guests. Please note that the increased fees apply to all rental properties-whether or not a rental management company is used. If you have any questions, please contact the Pass Office at 843-785-1125.