Port Tack Bridge Replacement

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August 28, 2019
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August 29, 2019

Port Tack Bridge Replacement

Both Port Tack bridges are scheduled for replacement. This work will also include Port Tack drainage, plus paving and pathway installation from the intersection of Mooring Buoy to Full Sweep.

Tentative Schedule*

Preconstruction: June – Sept 6, 2019

Bridge Replacement – Port Tack East (near Mooring Buoy)

  • September 2019 – January 2020

Bridge Replacement – Port Tack (near Full Sweep)

  • November 2019 – March 2020

Drainage, Paving and Pathway (Mooring Buoy to Full Sweep)

  • Closeout project in March 2020
  • Pathway will be constructed on the southwestern side of Port Tack (Sea Lane side)
  • PT / FS intersection will be reconfigured to improve safety and pedestrian connectivity

*Bridge replacement schedule/dates subject to change.

During the demolition and reconstruction of the Port Tack bridges, including associated roadway, pathway, drainage and utility work, the bridges will be closed to all traffic – vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian, and boat. If you live north of the Port Tack bridges, you will not have access to the full lagoon system. During this time owners and guests will need to alter their travel routes. This project will include drainage, paving and pathway work on Port Tack from the intersection of Mooring Buoy to Full Sweep.  We’re also planning to replace the storm water pipes on Lookout and resurface the road.  Please email Ben Brown at bbrown@pdpoa.org with questions.

Accessing the Beach

Property owners and renters are encouraged to either bike to the beach via Sea Lane to Mooring Buoy or to park at the Dunes House.

Port Tack Bridge Work Maps

Road Closures

New PathwayPort Tack


Project Overview

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