Published October 10, 2019

Member Comments on the Beach Front Amenity and 7 Lee Shore are now open.

Published September 20, 2019

Beach Front Amenity

As a result of our 2017 strategic plan, the PDPOA has been looking to acquire property for an owners amenity. Additionally, in last year’s amenity survey, owners shared their desire for a beach front facility. In response, we created a Beach Front Amenity Ad Hoc Committee to explore our options.

The purpose of the Beach Front Amenity Ad Hoc Committee was to determine the high-level viability of several beach front locations as a potential beach amenity for Palmetto Dunes. The committee evaluated more than a half-dozen potential locations, assessing the attributes, strengths, and challenges of each. They also visited neighboring community beach front clubs, met with the Town of Hilton Head Island and held initial discussions with several potential commercial partners. Without spending monies or making commitments, the committee explored all options to identify potential locations for a community oceanfront amenity.

At yesterday’s PDPOA Board meeting, the Beach Front Amenity Ad Hoc Committee presented their recommendation that the location of the current Dunes House would be the most viable place for a beach front amenity. The committee proposed tearing down the current Dunes House and rebuilding it as a two-story building, with a rooftop lounge. The first floor would be a commercial dining facility operated by the Resort, and the second floor and rooftop lounge would only be available for use by Palmetto Dunes property owners. Click here for yesterday’s presentation and more information.

This opportunity will add increased value, create a strong sense of community, and add to and enhance an amenity for future buyers.

What’s Next?
In the next few weeks, we will be opening up comments on this project. Your input is vital in helping us determine where to place our initial amenity focus.

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