August Board Meeting Highlights

Over 60 property owners attended August’s Board meeting online.

Meeting Highlights:

Chairman’s Report, Brian Fahey

  • Annual Meeting: The 2020 Annual Meeting of the Palmetto Dunes Property Owners Association will be held on Saturday, October 17th.  Unfortunately, according to our Bylaws the Annual Meeting cannot be held electronically.  Although we plan to stream the meeting, owners cannot participate in the meeting or vote electronically.  Topics that require owner voting can only be done via proxy card or in person at the meeting. Therefore, we are encouraging owners to complete and submit their proxy card. Proxy cards must be submitted at least 15 days before the meeting to establish a quorum.
  • Bylaw Amendments: At September’s Board meeting, the Board will be voting on the proposed Bylaw Amendments for consideration by the membership at this year’s Annual Meeting. As the community and the world continue to evolve, so should some of our governing documents. The Bylaws were last amended by the membership in 2014.

    The purpose of these amendments is two-fold; first to allow the Association to host the Annual Meeting electronically; secondly, to enable all owners the ability to vote on candidates via a ballot.  We will solicit feedback from the membership during a member comment period with the goal of seeking approval by the Board at their September meeting.

    Assuming the Board supports the proposed amendments, they will be presented to the membership at the October Annual Meeting for membership approval. As mentioned above, our Bylaws do not permit the Association to conduct the Annual Meeting electronically. Given the current environment with respect to COVID-19 and in an effort to protect the health and safety of the owners and staff, the Association would prefer to have an option to host the meeting electronically. Proposed amendments 3 and 5 would remove the restriction of electronic meetings and permit the Association to hold the meeting electronically.

    Additionally, based on feedback from the membership and review of neighboring community’s election processes, the Board is proposing to change the options available to elect directors. Currently, the membership can only elect directors by either being present at the Annual Meeting or giving a proxy to another individual that will be present at the meeting to vote on their behalf. The balance of these amendments would provide for a method of electing Directors by ballot voting of the membership prior to and outside the Annual Meeting. This would give every member the opportunity to elect directors via a ballot, even if they cannot attend the Annual Meeting. The results of the election would then be announced at the Annual Meeting.

    The Board believes the proposed Bylaw amendments strengthens our governance and owner participation. We are now seeking owner feedback. The online member comment period is open until Monday, August 31 at 5pm. Please provide feedback only related to these amendments. We are not seeking comments on other sections of the Bylaws, as the Board is not proposing a total rewrite of the Bylaws. All comments will be reviewed by the Board before the final reading of the proposed amendments at the September 10 Board Meeting.  In order to leave a comment, you must be logged into the web site as a property owner.

    Click here for the proposed Bylaw amendments.

    Click here to submit your comments.

    If you have any questions about logging into the web site, please email

  • Community Engagement: The Board has established a framework whereby the Board will reach out to the community for feedback as well as clearly identify situations where the Board will act independently to fulfill its responsibilities. Click here for the community engagement framework.

CEO’s Report, Andrew Schumacher

  • PDPOA Administrative and Pass Office lobbies are open with limited hours of 8am-1pm, Monday-Thursday. Staff is still available Monday-Friday during normal business hours via email or phone. The Pass Office drive-up window remains open with normal operating hours.
  • Bylaw amendment process/timeline: Member comments will be open for 10 days, closing August 31. Please leave comments only for the proposed amendment changes. We will be sending owners an Annual Meeting packet by September 15 with a redline version of proposed amendment changes to be voted on at the Annual Meeting. A Bylaw amendment requires a 25% quorum, so please submit your proxy card 15 days before the meeting.
  • Our next Board meeting has been moved up to September 10 to allow time to mail the Annual Meeting packet to the membership 30 days before the meeting.

Principal Planner’s Report, Ben Brown

  • Sea Lane, Weather Shore, Lee Shore, and Starboard Tack project will start in September. The project will include drainage, paving, and pathways. It should be substantially complete by April.
  • 2021 Capital Program includes Mooring Buoy (Iron Clad to Port Tack) drainage improvements, Port Tack/Down Wind drainage improvements, and 7 Lee Shore bulkhead replacement.

Chief of Security’s Report, Jim Griner

  • We are asking all property owner decals be requested online.
  • Short-term rental PPGs have been drafted and sent to legal council for review.

Controller’s Report, Matt Nemes

  • Matt Nemes presented the monthly financials and YTD activity.

Committee Reports

  • ARB: Wilbur Strickland presented a brief report.
  • Greenwood Communities & Resorts: Bill Watkins who has served on our Board for many years as the Greenwood representative will retire from the Board and be replaced by Brandon Smith.  Brandon will participate in his first Board meeting in September.

Old Business

  • Mike Vaccaro brought forward two motions pertaining to covenant compliance. The motions failed as a result of not being seconded.

The meeting was adjourned and followed by member comments.

The next PDPOA Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 10. Per the Bylaws, the Board cannot meet electronically if a Bylaw amendment is being considered.  In an effort to protect the health and safety of the Board, the staff, and property owners, only the Board members will meet in person at the September meeting. Staff and property owners will only be permitted to attend the meeting electronically via Zoom.

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