PDPOA Launches Osprey Camera Live Stream

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July 11, 2017

PDPOA Launches Osprey Camera Live Stream

The Palmetto Dunes Property Owners Association (PDPOA) is proud to announce the launch of our nest camera live stream! This camera feed is an opportunity to see our avian residents up close, and to learn more about the daily life of these magnificent birds.

Upon our return to the island after Hurricane Matthew, we were devastated by the damage and tree loss and heartbroken to find that the Opsrey nest located high above Palmetto Dunes on top of the water tower was gone – it had blown away during the storm. The nest had belonged to a pair of Ospreys (affectionately named Oprah and Oscar) who would nest there annually. With no nest, our plans for a live wildlife camera with which to share the daily activities of these special creatures were dashed. While we buckled down and focused on storm recovery below the tower, the nest platform sat empty for months.

In January, Broad Creek Public Service District began their water tower rehabilitation project to include relocation of the antennas and equipment to the top of the tower as well as a fresh coat of paint for the entire exterior. We were sure that with all the commotion, Oprah and Oscar would not be back for quite some time, if ever.

To our surprise, we noticed a couple sticks appear upon the platform a few weeks into BCPSD’s project. Slowly, nest material was built up while the contractors drilled, welded, sandblasted, and painted just a few feet below. When we were able to get the camera online in April, we saw eggs, and on May 4, Obie (Oprah and Oscar’s baby) hatched.

The stream can currently be viewed at pdpoa.live and pdpoa.org/nestcam. We also have a Twitter feed @pdpoa_nestcam, so visit us online.

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